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[Review] Contracted (2013) by Garrett Collins

[Review] Contracted (2013) by Garrett Collins

Starring: Najarra Townsend, Alice Macdonald, Katie Stegeman, Ruben Pla, Matt Mercer, and Caroline Williams With Contracted, director Eric England (Madison County) has accomplished something that hired government officials haven’t figured out how to do in almost three decades: he has made the perfect abstinence video. People looking to have sex after watching this film seriously … Continue reading

[Review] Iron Man 3 by Garrett Collins

[Review] Iron Man 3 by Garrett Collins

Last year, I was beginning to become desensitized to comic book films. Growing up, it was a dream of mine to see the comic books I was reading be faithfully brought to life, using the highest of technologies to bring the beautifully drawn pages to the big screen. Yet last year, the high profile comic … Continue reading

[Review] Moonrise Kingdom (2012) by Garrett Collins

Starring: Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Kara Hayward, Jared Gilman, Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton Directed By: Wes Anderson At one point in Moonrise Kingdom, the latest quirky romp from director Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums), the film’s main character, a little boy named Sam, makes earrings made of bugs for his … Continue reading

[Review] Nightbreed (1990) by Garrett Collins

Starring: Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, and Doug Bradley Directed by: Clive Barker It’s hard to think about now, but back in the mid 80s, Clive Barker was known as horror’s next big literary and motion picture giant. With his Books of Blood collections and a film called Hellraiser, he had started placing his … Continue reading

[Review] Chernobyl Diaries (2012) by Garrett Collins

Starring: Jesse McCartney, Jonathan Sadowski and Olivia Dudley Directed by: Bradley Parker Filmmaker Oren Peli is at a crossroads in his career. After his extremely low budget and famously so frightening it even scared Spielberg into producing it Paranormal Activity opened in 2009 and became a worldwide phenomenon, he found himself being in with the … Continue reading

DVD Review: Absentia by Garrett Collins

Dir: Mike Flanagan Starring: Katie Parker, Courtney Bell, Dave Levine, Morgan Peter Brown, Justin Gordon The Film: We live in a very interesting age in the world of horror. It is almost impossible not to see a modern film come out which doesn’t contain some kind of homage or storyline from a film that we, … Continue reading

DVD Review: The Future [M15] by Garrett Collins

Dir: Miranda July, Starring: Miranda July, Hamish Linklater The Film: Miranda July, the writer, director, and star of The Future, is an example of what would happen if Sofia Coppola and David Lynch had a daughter who grew up to make films. While her central ideas are full of thought, it is tough to get … Continue reading