The Ozploit Cast – Episode 11: ‘1980 to 1981 Films’ Nightmares, Harlequin, Stunt Rock, Touch And Go and Alison’s Birthday

The Ozploit Cast – Episode 11: ‘1980 to 1981 Films’
Nightmares, Harlequin, Stunt Rock, Touch And Go and Alison’s Birthday

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Welcome to our Podcast series from The Super Network with The Ozploit Cast! This podcast series is all about Ozploitation Cinema! If you don’t know what that is, it is exploitation films from the land Down Under! That’s right, Australia from the 70’s to now have been making exploitation films from all genres with horror, comedy, sc-fi, thriller, erotic and action to name a few. The podcast started with Wake In Fright and each episode covers five films in release order,

Bede Jermyn and Super Marcey are your hosts for The Ozploit Cast and are here for Episode 11 along with returning awesome guest Lindsay Wilkins (Schlock & Awe Podcast) to discuss the next five films in the Ozploitation journey. Up for discussion this episode are Nightmares, Harlequin, Stunt Rock, Touch And Go and Alison’s Birthday, all very different and interesting films. Side note, when compiling the list for this podcast, it was unclear what year Stunt Rock was released with different sources stating 1978 and 1980. With the sources that were used at the time the film fell under the 1980 order and placed with this films.

Nightmares Synopsis: A stage actress – who is hiding a deep trauma over the car accident that killed her mother – finds herself living a new nightmare when her fellow cast members are butchered by a glass-wielding killer.
Harlequin Synopsis: An enigmatic faith healer – who appears to possess genuine magical powers – and a political fixer vie for influence over a senator and his family.
Stunt Rock Synopsis: While working on a TV show in Los Angeles, famed Australian stuntman Grant Page helps an up-and-coming fantasy-themed rock band develop special effects and dangerous stunts for their act.
Touch And Go Synopsis: Three attractive socialites working for charity turn to robbery to keep a special primary school for underprivileged children open.
Alison’s Birthday Synopsis: On her 16th birthday, Alison Findlay and two of her friends make contact with a spirit, who warns Alison of impending doom on her 19th birthday. Three years later, on the eve of turning 19, Alison returns home and makes a strange discovery in her family’s backyard.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the films discussed in the podcast contain some much dated ideas, use terms that are offensive and mostly certainly not used today. Your hosts have done their best to be as respectful as possible when discussing these issues and have not intended any discussion to be offensive or harmful.

Highlights include:

* Bede and Marcey welcome back Lindsay to the show!

* Nightmares gives everyone a good laugh!

* Harlequin needed more love shown to it in Not Quite Hollywood.

* Grant Page is an absolute legend! Stunt Rock is a fun ride of a film.

* Has anyone besides the hosts and their guests seen Touch And Go?

* Always put what you learn at a seance into good use, Alison’s Birthday shows us this!

* Acting MVP’s from the films include Robert Powell, David Hemmings, Grant Page, Margaret Gerard, Chantal Contouri and Joanne Samuel. 

* Ratings for each film

* Plus much, much more!

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