The King Zone’s Book Club Podcast Episode 04 – The Hitman Short Stories Discussion with The Cat From Hell and Man With A Belly

The King Zone’s Book Club Podcast Episode 04
The Hitman Short Stories Discussion with
The Cat From Hell and Man With A Belly


Welcome to this spin off podcast from The Super Network’s The King Zone Podcast with Book Club hosted by Super Marcey and Steven T. Boltz. Join Marcey and Steve as they take a literary journey with the written works of Stephen King. The podcast will focus on short stories, pairing up stories that compliment each other and will have the occasional episode covering a novella or novel.

Episode 04 of this spin-off podcast focuses the discussion on two Stephen King short stories that both feature hitmen with The Cat From Hell and Man With A Belly. Your hosts Marcey and Steve share their opinions on the two crime stories, both of which Steve has read before and Marcey had not previously. One of the stories is very difficult to find and the other is much easier to find and also features in Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990).

Highlights Include:

* Welcome to the hitmen themed episode.

* Does Stephen King like cats?

* There may be a reason Man With A Belly was not collected or republished.

* Is the cat really from hell?

* The graphic ending to The Cat From Hell certainly will stick with the reader.

* The two hitmen characters from each story are quite opposite from each other, one genuinely likeable.

* Ratings for each story.

* Coming up for Episode 05, Steve and Marcey will discuss the short stories of The Night Flier and Popsy.

* And much much more!

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