After Dark With Super Marcey Podcast Episode 003 – The Cinematic Art Of Erotic Thrillers


Greetings and salutations, welcome to episode 003 of After Dark With Super Marcey Podcast.

This is a podcast about sex, cinema, exploitation cinema, censorship, controversies and more. Things get a little spicier and juicer after dark!

Join your host Super Marcey (The After Dark Podcast Network & The Super Network) and her very special guest Dylyn (Bloody Bedroom & Hear Us Scream) to discuss the good, bad and in-between with erotic thrillers of cinema.

Marcey and Dylyn both picked two examples each of a good erotic thriller and the same for bad examples of them, along with a pick each of the middle of the road ones.

This episode contains discussions of film spoilers and topics/themes that might be distressing or triggering. Listener discretion is advised.

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All The Links:

Main Music: DeNNo
Introduction Voice-Over: Adam Bunch
Edited By: Marcella Papandrea



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