After Dark With Super Marcey Podcast Episode 001 – ‘Nuns In Cinema’ Double Feature Discussion On The Devils (1971) and Benedetta (2021)


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Greetings and salutations, welcome to the debut episode of After Dark With Super Marcey Podcast.

This is a podcast about sex, cinema, exploitation cinema, censorship, controversies and more. Things get a little spicier and juicer after dark!

In this first episode your host Super Marcey (The After Dark Podcast Network & The Super Network) is joined by special guest Lindsay Wilkins (Schlock & Awe Podcast) to discuss ‘Nuns In Cinema’ with an epic double feature discussion on the films The Devils (1971) and Benedetta (2021).

The Devils (1971) was written and directed by Ken Russell and has been extremely controversial since its release and the uncut version is very difficult to find. Benedetta (2021) is from Paul Verhoeven and examines themes of sexuality and religion in a way that only Verhoeven can do.

Marcey and Lindsay take a deep dive into both films and examine the themes of the films as well as their similarities and historical elements.

Both films contain controversial subjects and such the discussion reflects that, with discussions on the Catholic Church, sex, sexuality, violence and more. If these themes and subjects are sensitive to you proceed with caution or feel free to skip this episode.

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