Podcasters Of Horror Episode 17 – Fear Itself Episodes Community and Skin & Bones

Podcasters Of Horror Episode 17 – Fear Itself Episodes Community and Skin & Bones

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Welcome to our Mini Podcast series from The Super Podcast with Podcasters Of Horror! This series began with a retrospective on Mick Garris’ Masters Of Horror series and continues on with looking at other horror anthology series and films, including Fear Itself and Goosebumps.

Your hosts ‘Super’ Marcey Papandrea and ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn are back as we continue our journey into the series Fear Itself, which only lasted one season and is considered to be the unofficial third season of Masters Of Horror. Episode 17 is looking at the episodes 7 and 8 with Community and Skin & Bones, which were the last two episodes of the show to be screened on US television, leaving the show with 5 unaired episodes but they were screened in other parts of the world and put on DVD.

Mary Harron of American Psycho fame directed Community, it stars Brandon Routh, Shiri Appleby, John Billingsley and Barbara Tyson. Skin & Bones was directed by Larry Fessenden writer of Until Dawn, it stars Doug Jones, John Pyper-Ferguson, Molly Hagan and Gordon Tootosin.

Highlights include:

* Welcome back everyone!

* Finally a female director for an episode with Mary Harron.

* Community perhaps could have been better, the end result is very mixed.

* Baby faced Brandon Routh, nawwww.

* Skin & Bones is easily the most brutual Fear Itself episode so far.

* Doug Jones is excellent in his role.

* Is Larry Fessenden the world expert on the Wendigo?

* Ratings for each film

* Plus much, much more!

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