[Fantasia 2021] Audio Review: Brain Freeze (2021) by Bede Jermyn

[Fantasia 2021] Audio Review: Brain Freeze (2021) by Bede Jermyn

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It’s definitely over the pass decade, zombies have become a very huge part of pop culture. Whether it be films, television, games etc., you would have to look far to something that didn’t have zombies a part of it. While the zombie trend has died down recently (no pun intended), every now again something related will come along and attempt to breathe new life (again, no pun intented) into them. Especially in the world of cinema. One such film to that is the French Canadian horror/comedy BRAIN FREEZE. Was the film able to bring some fresh ideas to the zombie genre? Listen to my review to find out!

The following review of the film is in an audio format. Enjoy!

Director: Julien Knafo
Writer: Julien Knafo
Starring: Iani Bédard, Roy Dupuis, Marianne Fortier.
Synopsis: A fertilizer used in a rich gated community becomes the source of a genetic mutation that transforms its residents into zombies. Can a teenager and his baby sister break free from the quarantined island before turning into grass?
Credit: IMDB.com


Brain Freeze (2021) is playing as part of the Fantasia Festival – https://fantasiafestival.com/fr/film/brain-freeze

Audio review by Bede Jermyn


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