[Fantasia 2021] Audio Review: Mother Schmuckers (2021) by Bede Jermyn

[Fantasia 2021] Audio Review: Mother Schmuckers (2021) by Bede Jermyn

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Gross-out comedies are a sub-genre of film that can be very tricky thing to pull off properly. Some people them as unfunny films that cater to the lowest common denominator and have no value in them whatsoever. However if done correctly, gross-out can indeed be in fact and clever. From the films of the Farrelly Brothers to the AMERICAN PIE series to even the works of Monty Python, there are many great examples of gross-out comedies that work. The latest to come out of the sub-genre is the Belgian comedy MOTHER SCHMUCKERS, which is the feature length directorial debut of brother team Harpo Guit & Lenny Guit (the former being also one of the stars of the film too). Does this film succeed as being a great gross-out comedy? Or does it completely miss the mark many other less than stellar films have in the past? Listen and find out!

The following review of the film is in an audio format. Enjoy!

Director: Harpo Guit & Lenny Guit
Writer: Harpo Guit & Lenny Guit
Starring: Claire Bodson, Maxi Delmelle, Harpo Guit, Habib Ben Tanfous, Mathieu Amalric.
Synopsis: Issachar and Zabulon, two brothers in their twenties, are supremely stupid and never bored, as madness is part of their daily lives. When they lose their mother’s beloved dog, they have 24 hours to find it – or she will kick them out.
Credit: IMDB.com


Mother Schmuckers (2021) is playing as part of the Fantasia Festival – https://fantasiafestival.com/fr/film/mother-schmuckers

Audio review by Bede Jermyn


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