Marcey’s 31 Days Of Horror Viewing List for 2020

I am back again! Yes I managed to complete 31 Days Of Horror last year, I watched 31 horror films I hadn’t seen before and reviewed each of them. You can find those here.

This year my challenge is made up of 31 films that I haven’t seen before, and some may be a surprise as to the fact I haven’t seen something I should have already. I decided to choose films from different decades, countries and genres.

Here is the list in order of when they will be watched:

Day 1 (From the 20s)
Waxworks (1924)

Day 2 (From the 30s)
Maniac (1934)

Day 3 (From the 40s)
The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

Day 4 From the 50s)
Fiend Without A Face (1958)

Day 5 (From the 60s)
The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961)

Day 6 (From the 70s)
Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (1971)

Day 7 (From the 80s)
The Unholy (1988)

Day 8 (From the 90s)
Shakma (1990)

Day 9 (From the 00s)
One Missed Call (2003)

Day 10 (From the 10s)
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014)

Day 11 (From 2020)
The Rental (2020)

Day 12 (From Australia)
Next Of Kin (1982)

Day 13 (From NZ)
Deathgasm (2015)

Day 14 (From Japan)
Splatter: Naked Blood (1996)

Day 15 (From South Korea)
The Red Shoes (2005)

Day 16 (From Italy)
The House With The Laughing Windows (1976)

Day 17 (From Spain)
Veronica (2017)

Day 18 (From France)
Amer (2009)

Day 19 (From Germany)
The Fan (1982)

Day 20 (From Mexico)
Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)

Day 21 (Vampire)
Vamp (1986)

Day 22 (Zombie)
One Cut Of The Dead (2017)

Day 23 (Psychological)
Possession (1981)

Day 24 (Supernatural)
It Follows (2014)

Day 25 (Slasher)
Popcorn (1991)

Day 26 (Gothic)
The Innocents (1961)

Day 27 (Comedy)
The Babysitter (2017)

Day 28 (Sequel)
Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

Day 29 (Birthday)
Bloody Birthday (1981)

Day 30 (Creature)
The Monster (2016)

Day 31 (Free Choice)
Absentia (2011)

Starting early October check back every couple of days for reviews, either mini reviews or full length reviews!


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