[Fantasia 2020] Audio Review: Hail to the Deadites (2020)


[Fantasia 2020] Audio Review: Hail to the Deadites (2020)

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Hail to the Deadites (2020) is the second documentary feature from Steve Villeneuve, taking a focus on the fandom of the Evil Dead films. He explores the lives and impacts the films have had on fans, as well as some of the cast and crew. Steve ventures to different conventions, seeks out to see different collections and find out just what the films mean to people. There is special attention to the delightful Tom Sullivan, the man behind the FX and book of the dead from the films. With interviews and candid looks, this is a film for the fans by fans.

The following review of the film is in an audio format. Enjoy!

Director: Steve Villeneuve
Writers: Steve Villeneuve and André Farant
Starring: Chris Alexander, Betsy Baker, Sarah Berry, Bruce Campbell, Richard DeManincor, Michael Gingold, Danny Hicks, Bill Mosely, Ted Raimi, Ellen Sandweiss, Tom Sullivan, Theresa Tilly and Kassie Wesley DePaiva.
Synopsis: Hail to the Deadites (2020) is a documentary about the fans of the Evil Dead films and explores the classic franchise’s undying and ever-growing popularity.
Credit: IMDB.com

Marcella’s Rating:

Bede’s Rating:

Hail to the Deadites (2020) is playing as part of the Fantasia Festival – https://fantasiafestival.com/en/film/hail-to-the-deadites

Audio review by Marcella Papandrea and Bede Jermyn


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