Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #85: Fateful Findings

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the 85th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Apologies for slight lateness of this edition. I was going to post this at the end of June as originally planned but due to being busy with a few things that week, I didn’t get a chance to do it until now. As you already know last month here on, I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. For this 85th installment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… FATEFUL FINDINGS! Does this film deserve to be utter in the same breath as TROLL 2 and THE ROOM as being one the great bad films of all time? Is Neil Breen even more of a insane actor/director than Tommy Wiseau? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this a trillion times before but I’m going to say it again: is it too late for me to not watch this film? #FatefulFindings

Oh, man. I’m only a minute in and this may be the cheapest looking film I have done for this column yet. #FatefulFindings

Meanwhile in the woods somewhere with a bunch of kids who we don’t know… #FatefulFindings

Ahhh… Did that skull move just now? #FatefulFindings

“Look, Leah! A mushroom!” I like how this young boys presents this mushroom like he has done a magic trick. #FatefulFindings

Okay, the mushroom just turned into a jeweler box and… What the hell was that flown pass the screen?! Was that a ghost?! WHAT WAS THAT?! #FatefulFindings

“It’s a magical day!” That’s the “Here’s looking at you, kid” or “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” line of this film. #FatefulFindings

I know I don’t like making fun of child actors but man, these kids are terrible. #FatefulFindings

This movie is so bad even the actors are already packed up and ready to drive away from it. #FatefulFindings

“I never hear from Leah again” That’s because she’s trying to get away from your movie, dude. #FatefulFindings

I like how this character Emily is having a full on conversation with the phone with Neil Breen but we never see him reply her questions when we cut back to him. #FatefulFindings

Oh, come on! How can that car run over, Neil Breen! It’s a bit hard not to notice crossing that road. #FatefulFindings

It’s very clear that the actress playing Emily went to the Tommy Wiseau school of acting. #FatefulFindings

Oh, geez. It’s that terrible CGI smoke cloud again. #FatefulFindings

Take your time panning you’re to that doctor’s face, movie. #FatefulFindings

So… Many… Slow.. Pan… Shots… Mind you, I’m only a few minutes into this film too lol. #FatefulFindings

I don’t know about anyone but I think it’s funny that despite having a large bandage over his entire face including his month, the doctors still put an oxygen mask on him. #FatefulFindings

I’m only a few minutes into this film and I’m already confused as to what is going on. #FatefulFindings


Between both Niel Breen and Tommy Wiseau, what is it with weird eccentric directors showing their old arses in their films? #FatefulFindings

Ahhh… How can anyone not notice Neill Breen leaving hospital? #FatefulFindings

I like how even though Neil Breen is still wearing that large cast over his face, tonnes of blood flowing down his body as he is taking a shower. #FatefulFindings

Geez, Neil healing has been going pretty quick. #FatefulFindings

I like how when Neil is having a headache, he takes the time to knock off all the laptops on his desk. #FatefulFindings

Oh, man. The actors playing Neil’s friends Jim & Amy are really, really laughably bad. #FatefulFindings

“I need my pills” I need to write the script for FATEFUL FINDINGS. #FatefulFindings

Ahhh… Eww. Neil Breen just though his pills down the toilet and Emily just put her hand in the water and scooped them out. #FatefulFindings

Well… I’ve never seen a psychologist’s office look like this one before. It looks more Iile a room you hold board meetings. #FatefulFindings

Coffee cup acting. #FatefulFindings

I like how even though he is having a massive migraine attack, Neil Breen is still trying to have his coffee. #FatefulFindings

My God. Pick up the pace with these camera pans, Neil Breen. #FatefulFindings

“You would rather be with your car than with me!” What?! You just told Jim you weren’t interested in being around or have sex with him, Amy. Make up your mind, dammit! #FatefulFindings

Oh, man. The actress playing Jim & Amy’s daughter Aly is equally terrible too. #FatefulFindings

Ahhh… Why is Neil Breen trying to hack into government files? #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen’s hair in this film is just… Weird. It looks like a bit of carpet has been stuck to his head. #FatefulFindings

Wait, what?! Emily is now a drug addict all of a sudden! Where the hell did that come from?! #FatefulFindings

“Get off the pills!” That’s what everyone said when everyone told Neil Breen when they read the script for this film. #FatefulFindings

I don’t know how it’s possible, but it’s like every actor in this film is in a competition to see who can give the worst performance in this film. #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen likes pushing things off tables in this film. He’s like the human version of a cat. #FatefulFindings

I like how everyone takes their clothes off in this film, the clothes land on the floor with a loud fud. #FatefulFindings

“I think… I THINK…” Ahh… Line? #FatefulFindings

So far this film is like a David Lynch film done in the acting, writing and filmmaking style of BIRDEMIC. #FatefulFindings

“I’m sorry. I have to work now”… 5 seconds later in the next scene… “I’m sorry for pushing you away.” I like how all the characters’ personalities change on a dime just like that. #FatefulFindings

I like how after Emily accuses Neil Breen of cheating, he has a look on his face that makes him look like he has been after he has said no. #FatefulFindings

I know I say this all the time for these live-tweets but when I do, it’s only in a joking matter. However this time, I really do mean this… What the hell is going on?! I honestly have no idea what’s going on in this film so far. #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen is back and naked in that bizarre black room again. #FatefulFindings

I like how in this BBQ scene there’s a sound effect that plays over it that makes there is a large crowd there, but there’s only 7 people tops here. #FatefulFindings

It’s how funny that there is a lot of cooked food on that BBQ but it’s pretty obvious that it isn’t even on. #FatefulFindings

Ahhhh… Why is the blonde doctor from easier in the film here? I don’t think she was invited. #FatefulFindings

Wait, that notebook that fell out of the Blond doctor’s pocket and the phrase, “It’s a magical day!” on one of the pages… OMG… The doctor is the little girl at the beginning Leah?! #FatefulFindings

I like now Neil Breen and Leah are first met they were kids but it’s very bloody clear that now they are adults, he is obviously 30 years older than her. #FatefulFindings

Omg the facial expressions in this dinner are hilarious. #FatefulFindings

What is it with everyone’s habit of knocking things off tables in this film? #FatefulFindings

So… Is this film going to explain why Neil Breen has 4 laptops on his table? #FatefulFindings

Umm… Why is Jim & Amy’s daughter swimming topless in Neil’s pool and… Why is she inside taking a bath? This doesn’t make any sense. #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen’s face when he discovers Aly naked in the bath is bloody hilarious. That’s quality acting right there. #FatefulFindings

Geez. We’re almost an hour into this film and random stuff is happening, but there’s no actual plot. #FatefulFindings

I honestly don’t crap about this subplot with Jim & Amy fighting. Who cares about this? #FatefulFindings

Wait… So after Jim spilled his glass of wine all over her chest, Amy has gone to grab a gun?! At bit extreme don’t you think, Amy? Especially you spilled your wine on Jim first you know. #FatefulFindings


“He killed himself!” Umm… Amy. You drop the gun in front of Jim’s body and forgot to clean it. I’m pretty sure once the cops arrive and dust it for fingerprints, they are going to know you did it since yours are the only ones on it. Dumbarse. #FatefulFindings

You know for someone who thinks that his best friend has committed suicide, Neil Breen doesn’t care about it at all. #FatefulFindings

Why is Amy is still playing up the suicide angle when Aly saw her kill her dad? Again this whole film doesn’t make sense. #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen is back in the weird room with the black plastic sheets again. #FatefulFindings

Yeah… I’m pretty sure you pushing Jim away at the BBQ didn’t make him go and commit suicide, Emily. That’s just stupid. #FatefulFindings

Wait… Neil Breen was suppose to be writing a book for his publisher? And he has a deadline? Geez, this film is just throwing random crap at the screen now. #FatefulFindings

Okay, Neil Breen is seeing another therapist and… Her office is a corner of the room with two fold out chairs?… Okay. #FatefulFindings

This bloody film, man. This bloody film. #FatefulFindings

Seriously, how can buy Neil Breen and Leah being we’re childhood sweethearts? As adults, he looks like he could be her grandfather. #FatefulFindings

It really has to say something when the performances in this film makes the acting in both TROLL 2 and THE ROOM looks Oscar worthy by comparison. #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen and Leah are back at the tree where they found that mushroom and that it’s still there?! I have so many questions right now that need answering. #FatefulFindings

I don’t blame Emily becoming a pill addict. If I had to star in a film like this, I probably would too. #FatefulFindings

Ewwww!!! Neil Breen & Leah are making out in the woods! The massive age difference between makes this scene very unsettling and gross! #FatefulFindings

Emily has committed suicide. Once again, Neil Breen doesn’t know how to emote like a human being when he finds her. #FatefulFindings

Man. I never thought I would ever say this… I long for the superior acting talents of Tommy Wiseau right now. #FatefulFindings

Yeah… Neil Breen gets naked way too much in this film. #FatefulFindings

Again, what type of book is Neil Breen writing again? #FatefulFindings

So… You’re girlfriend Emily has just died and now your new girlfriend Leah has now moved in? A bit too soon don’t you think? #FatefulFindings

OMG there’s 25 minutes of the film left and it feels like nothing has even happened yet. #FatefulFindings

Ahhh… A guy in a hoodie just came out of nowhere, chloroform her and kidnapped… WHAT?! #FatefulFindings

Leah is tied up in a black trailer. Why do I get the feeling that this is the way that Neil Breen gets people star in his films? #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen is Liam Neeson in FATEFUL FINDINGS. #FatefulFindings

Wait, hold the phone! Neil Breen can walk through walls now?! WTF!!! #FatefulFindings

Why is young woman in this film attracted to Neil Breen? He’s about at least 200 years old. #FatefulFindings

Bloody hell. This film is really doing my head in. #FatefulFindings

There’s that terrible ghostly CGI cloud again. #FatefulFindings

Okay, now the paintings, books and laptops are moving all by themselves around the house at the moment. I really need this film to give me answers. I really do. #FatefulFindings

Now Neil Breen has drove out into the desert. I don’t know what’s even going on anymore. #FatefulFindings

So… He went out to the desert to talk to a gold book we saw earlier in the film? Okay. #FatefulFindings

What’s the deal with the mysterious feet that keep walking around Neil’s place at night? Just like the rest of the film so far, it hasn’t been explained. #FatefulFindings

Wait… Neil Breen is now giving a press conference all of sudden?! THIS IS A BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE!!! #FatefulFindings

Ahhh… Who is applauding right now? #FatefulFindings

Neil Breen keeps talking about how he has found information that that shows the corruption of the government, but he hasn’t said what it is yet. #FatefulFindings

WTF! One of the corrupt senators that are there just shot himself in the head! And the press is applauding it! WTF IS GOING ON?! #FatefulFindings

Now another senator just hanged himself! #FatefulFindings


WHAT! Another senator also shot himself, another too pills, another slit his wrists and another suffocated herself with exhaust fumes! This is fucked! #FatefulFindings

Wait… There’s a sniper in the bushes who’s about to shoot Neil Breen? Oh, wait. Now the sniper is dead too. That was pointless. #FatefulFindings

Umm… I think it’s a little disturbing that the press is ‘cheering’ when a whole bunch of senators just joked themselves on stage right in front of them. #FatefulFindings

The press conference is over and Neil Breen never explain at all what he had on the senators. What a croc. #FatefulFindings

Now Neil Breen and Leah are back in the woods again. I honestly don’t even care anymore. #FatefulFindings

Just as the film is about to finish, the mysterious ghost cloud makes one last appearance. What was the point of it, just like everything else in the film: none. #FatefulFindings

That’s the end of the film. While I can definitely see why this film has cult following like TROLL 2 and THE ROOM but for me personally unlike those films, this one is boring. Just boring. Despite some oddball moments, this was an agonising chore to sit through for me. #FatefulFindings

I hope you all enjoyed reading this 85th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in later this month for my 86th edition, which I could be doing on one of the following three bad films: BETWEEN WORLDS, BODY OF EVIDENCE and THE SPIRIT. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted on soon!

Written by Bede Jermyn


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