Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #55: Jack Frost (1997)

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the 55th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Once again I’m so very sorry for the lateness on this edition. I was hoping to have this one online late November as I was originally planned but since I was away over Christmas and New Year, I didn’t get a chance to do it until now. As you already know last month here on, I said that this edition was going to be a special Christmas themed one in honour of Christmas (hey, better late than never). I posted up poll with three bad Christmas movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken.  For this Christmas themed 55th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live tweet… the 1997 horror/comedy JACK FROST! How on Earth does a film this actually exist? Did we really need about an evil killer psychopathic snowman? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Is it too late for me to *not* watch this film?

What a second… This isn’t the Michael Keaton starring JACK FROST film?! 😱

Yeah… That is clearly not a child doing the voice of the little girl in the opening of this film.

Even though we only hear his voice in this opening, Uncle Henry sounds like a total dick.

Geez, Uncle Henry. Jack Frost didn’t people in pies, that was Sweeny Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Get it right! Gosh!

I like how Scott MacDonald, who plays Jack Frost here, basically plays him like the Joker.

Yeah… I don’t think it’s a good idea drive a police van around in a snow storm when you can barely see out that window.

Ahhh… How on earth did that tinsel get all over that police guard?

I like how when the chemicals splash over Jack, it looks showering over him FLASHDANCE style.

“Jack Frost is maniac! Maniac on the floor…”

Best melting effects ever!

I don’t know how someone’s DNA can combine with snow but hey, I’ll go along with it.

Say what you about this film, you gotta admire Scott MacDonald going full tilt with scene chewing performance in this film as Jack.

Hey, Kieran Culkin! Oh, wait. That’s not him. My mistake.

Ahhh… What the hell type of food is the Sheriff’s son making? It looks like someone vomited up a chocolate cake or something.

Hello, Shannon Elizabeth! *Re-ow*

Geez, it’s a bit of small turn out for this snowman building competition.

Yeah… These conversations between the Sheriff and the townspeople are so awkwardly done. Just like in real life.

I like how you can easily tell that that snowmen arent even made out of snow at all.

You know that make this film even better? If all these events were waking place in the town of Twin Peaks.

I like how you can tell that Agent Manners works with the FBI ‘cause he is wearing a turtleneck throughout this whole film.

Geez, those carrots that the Sheriff’s wife bought are pretty big. They’re almost big enough for a forklift to pick up.

I swear that everyone kid in the ‘90s has the exact same haircut as the Sheriff’s son does.

The Sheriff’s son is harass by a bully. Yeah… Jack Frost is totally going to kill him now.

Holy crap! The Bully just got his head decapitated by sled. I don’t think that’s possible but it’s hilarious!

Every time that a character says that ‘the Snowman killed him’, I’m just going to imagine that they watched the recent Michael Fassbender film of the same name and they died of boredom.

You know for a film that’s about a living breathing snowman going around killing people, it’s funny how everyone treats the story so seriously.

Scott MacDonald is Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger as Jack Frost, the Killer Snowman in JACK FROST.

Now I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure that the axe handle wouldn’t be at that angle if it shoved down someone’s throat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Agent Manners has at least 20 pairs of turtlenecks in his wardrobe.

I gotta say, this shot looking through the puddle at the Sheriff and the FBI agents is actually pretty cool.

Wait… Did I just see a random snowman wearing a bikini?! 😮

Geez, there are only 30 people at this town meeting. Either this means that this is just a small turnout or that’s just how many people live in this town.

I like how this town is called Snowmonton. Not subtle at all.

You know I’ve seen a lot of things in my time, I never thought I’d ever live to see someone get run over repeatedly by a snowman.

So… Why are Shannon Elizabeth and her boyfriend hanging around the Sheriff’s house? It doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah… That angle Shannon’s boyfriend opening that bottle of champagne isn’t subjective at all.

My God the puppeteering effects on Jack Frost is so hilariously cheesy lol.

Ahhh… Why is Shannon Elizabeth having a bath when she just literally finished drying her hair 5 seconds ago? Seems kind of pointless now.

Ahhh… Jack Frost just didn’t what I think he did with his carrot nose to Shannon Elizabeth, right?! Right?! I’m disturbed!

“I told you! Conventional weapons will be useless against him!” “Alright, lets call Michael Fassbender! He knows how to battle killer snowmen!”

It’s hilarious how the mouth movements of Jack Frost aren’t even in-syncs with the dialogue lol.

Yeah… I don’t think shooting at water isn’t really going to help, Agent Manners. Dumb arse.

Ahhh… Why does the police station have that many aerosol cans?

I don’t know why the Sheriff and the others need a key to get through that window when they can could easily just smashed right through it.

I like how Agent Manners has all those guns in the back of his car, and he picks out the smallest one.

Wait a second, hold the phone! The police is on the Main Street of town?! But in all the establishing, they showed the station was in isolated area in front of a hill?!

Did Jack Frost just make reference to a quote from TOY STORY?!

“If I just say a bunch of science jargon in this monologue, it’ll make this film sound smart, not dumb”.

I like how all the icicles that are hanging in the background are all just flapping around in the wind.

You know what would also make this film even better? If it starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and had him just saying all his ice puns from BATMAN & ROBIN to Jack Frost.

Oh, no. Jack Frost isn’t dead. I’m completely shocked right now. I didn’t see that coming…

I just like how Jack Frost has fangs that are made out of ice.

So who gave more ice related puns in a film from 1997? Jack Frost in this film or Mr. Freeze from BATMAN & ROBIN?

Wait, Jack can take over people’s bodies now? Geez, he’s power are a bit inconsistent.

Note to self: if I badly hurt a killer snowman, throw vomit looking oatmeal at them.

OMG! When Jack Frost gets hit by that car, you can actual see the ropes projecting him into the air! They don’t try to hide it too! That is hilarious! 🤣

I’m going to lie. This film is kind of awesome!

Yeah, I didn’t think those pieces of paper are going to hold that water back from seeping through the door.

Yeah, no matter how much they try, the Jack Frost puppet’s month just get in-sync the dialogue. It just makes it even more hilarious!

I bet the actor who plays the Sheriff never thought he would star in a film where he would try to stop an evil killer snowman with a pool of antifreeze.

Ahhh… Sheriff? You can try stop trying to drown your son along with Jack Frost as well.

Well… This is the creepiest take on the song ‘Silent Night’ I’ve ever heard.

Despite being killed by antifreeze, Jack Frost is still alive inside that container. You know what that means? They’re going to make a sequel!

Well, that’s end of the film. I’ll say this: if you’re looking for a fun killer snowman film, look no further than this one! It’s the CITIZEN KAKE of the sub-genre!

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 55th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out next month for my very special bad films of 2017 themed 56th edition, which I could be doing on one of the following three bad 2017 released films: THE EMOJI MOVIE, FIFTY SHADES DARKER and THE MUMMY. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted on soon!

– Bede Jermyn






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