[Comic Review] Luminous Ages #3


Luminous Ages is a brand new comic written and illustrated by Adelaide based artist Anthony Christou. You can support Anthony and get exclusive content through Anthony’s Patreon Page – https://www.patreon.com/AnthonyChristou
By supporting this extremely talented artist he can create more issues of the comic. You can get access to preview artwork, new pieces, receive prints and so much more depending on which tier you choose.

Luminous Ages Issue #3 continues the story of Thrakos and his journey into the unknown. Thrakos has now been given a mentor to aide him in his quest to discover who he is and what his destiny holds for him. This next chapter in Luminous Ages is full of action, and new characters that really capture the spirit of the story and what’s to come.

Issue #3 really flows with the previous two issues, it is a joy to go through them all together in one sitting and reread the new issue and take in everything that happens. There is a new character that comes into the story, to avoid any potential spoilers there will be no mention of whom that character is but they are one to keep an eye on. The introduction has been handled in a perfect way, a memorable way and it does ensure that readers will easily remember them.

As with the other issues, the artwork continues to impress and remains extremely unique to other comic books that are out there. It matches the story being told, the fantasy element and the dream land world that was introduced in Issue #1. It is important for a comic to have artwork that really matches the story, and the spirit of what it represents and Luminous Ages captures that, and it continues to grow strongly. The story is one that is quite engaging, the main character is one that you want to take this journey with and the fear is there of the possible dangers and threats that he may face in the future.

The genre of fantasy is not an easy one to write for, there are so many possible elements at play and generally there needs to be some type of understanding of the genre before you watch you read something within the genre. Luminous Ages does take this into consideration, it works extremely well as an entry into fantasy however it is something special for genre fans also. With limited fantasy knowledge this comic series will not confuse or overwhelm readers, it respects that not everyone is going to be familiar with the genre and it caters to that. The epic story and landscape holds attention, and it is perfect reading for all ages it does not ignore any age range.

Writer and artist Anthony Christou continues to impress with this series, it stands out from the crowd and it is highly enjoyable. The artwork is just beautiful and it showcases the range of the artist but also the giant landscape of this story. Each character is wonderfully crafted, and brought to life through this beautiful art. A panel from any of these comic issues would make for a glorious framed piece of art, it really is that good and impressive. If you have yet to delve into Luminous Ages now is the perfect time to get into this piece of fantasy, there are many more issues to come and it is destined to be a series that people will remember. For those who have read the previous issues, number 3 will not disappoint and it will have you asking when is the next one due!

Luminous Ages remains one of my favourite on going stories from 2017, it is one to keep an eye on for sure.

For more info head to – http://luminousages.com/



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