Super Podcast Ep 146 – Game Of Thrones S7 Wrap Up & Best Acting Film Debuts

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Super Podcast Ep 146 – Game Of Thrones S7 Wrap Up & Best Acting Film Debuts

Welcome back to a brand new installment of SUPER PODCAST!

Please excuse the absence folks, unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes but do not fear we are back in action! To celebrate the three amigo’s are here with your three hosts Super Marcey, The Terrible Australian Bede Jermyn and Miss Beatrix Harper. We have a jam packed episode for you with a Game Of Thrones Season 7 wrap up as well as a run down of 9 fantastic acting feature film debuts.

So sit back, relax and indulge in our awesome episode.

Highlights include:

* Bede unleashes on Caligula!!

* That leads the way to start the Game Of Thrones talk!

* Are we on board with GoT’s new couple?

* Cersei might be evil but her character is top notch.

* With all of our acting debut choices, we ponder … HOW WAS THIS THEIR FIRST FILM?!

* From Alan Rickman to Julie Andrews – we have lots of picks.

* We discuss a film we have seen recently including one with a killer clown.

* Bede manages to work The Room into the show.

* Plus much, much more!


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