[Comic Review] Luminous Ages #2


Luminous Ages is a brand new comic written and illustrated by Adelaide based artist Anthony Christou. You can support Anthony and get exclusive content through Anthony’s Patreon Page – https://www.patreon.com/AnthonyChristou
By supporting this extremely talented artist he can create more issues of the comic. You can get access to preview artwork, new pieces, receive prints and so much more depending on which tier you choose.
Anthony also has a Kickstarter running for the Luminous Ages Card Game, please check that out and show some support – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/luminousages/luminous-ages-card-game

Luminous Ages Issue #2 continues the story of Thrakos and his journey into the unknown. There is something very special about this young man, and he is our eyes into this fantasy world that Anthony Christou has created. We the audience can put ourselves into his shoes and experience exactly what he is experiencing.

In this new issue we learn more about Ekratoria and the dangers facing them, as well as why Thrakos the simple farm boy is so special. Also featured is the dream world and just how powerful that really is, but don’t listen to me ramble on about the story, pick up Issue 1 and 2 and discover the magic.

Much like with issue 1, this new issue is full of vibrant art work and the world presented to us comes to life. We get to meet more characters and their unique designs and looks really bring the reader right in. As great as it is to read a comic, when the art work is so colourful and inventive it really is worth going over the issue several times to take that all in. Fantasy as a genre really has no boundaries and with a flowing imagination the sky is the limit.

As with issue 1, this new issue left me wanting more, I want to know so much more. Christou is very smart in this regard, he isn’t giving the audience everything and he does make interesting enough that you want to have the next issue and see what will happen to Thrakos. Not too much is given away, but we have just enough there to learn more and get immersed in the experience. In fact I just want to jump inside the pages and experience everything because it is so beautiful and stunning.

What I absolutely loved about this issue is the dream world, and how dangerous it is. If you don’t know what you’re in for, you’re in trouble! Forget Freddy Krueger in your nightmares, what Christou has instore for the audience is just as frightening. As a huge fan of dragons, I was quite happy to see more of them here and be just amazed at the creature design and their scope. Everything just fits and works so well in Luminous Ages, this really is one of the best new comic adventures to come out in 2016.

Issue #2 of Luminous Ages captivating and I just want more and more, and this series has its own adventure card game, you can take the adventure with you. It really is quite special to have a great comic and an exciting game all together, with the stunning art work guiding the way. Luminous Ages is an absolute must for fantasy genre fans, art fans, gaming fans and comic fans. But even if you aren’t a fan of those things, this saga will not disappoint. It is quite family friendly and I do believe the younger ones will get a kick out of it.

For more info head to – http://luminousages.com/



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