[Comic Review] The 4HORSEFEMMES #1

4horsefemmes 1 Superheros and super-human beings are always a great subject for a comic, it allows for an unlimited amount of possibilities and stretches the imagination. The fact that so many comics deal with these kinds of characters is a testament to that, but with so many in the marketplace how does one distinguish their characters and story? Making it a unique experience is a great start, setting it aside from the others and offering something you don’t generally see. This is what local Australian creator Stuart Black has done with his on going series THE 4HORSEFEMMES.

Issue #1 is an introduction into the world he has created, and the characters that we will spend this journey with. Super-human’s are part of this world, and they were first recorded as appearing in the 1400’s. This is something we find out with the prologue, and a warning of what is to come. The story then introduces us to a super-human named Talena, who as a young lass encountered Supreme Justice who want to take her in. Years later she is still on the run, with her pet turtle Harvey and friend Lacey in tow. This trio will encounter something much worse than Supreme Justice, and this is where the synopsis ends.

It would not be right to give away too much of the story, that takes the fun out of reading and exploring the pages. From the cover picture, it is evident that this is going to be a fun ride, packed with action and fun characters. A cover really needs to bring in the reader, and appeal to the senses, Issue 1 does just that. With four badass looking chicks and a couple of villains, this feels impossible not to pick up.

4horsefemmes 1a

The cover is only one aspect of what makes this a great comic, once inside the book the panels come alive. Talena is a character that not only looks cool, but she develops a personality to match. Harvey her pet turtle is quite the cute addition as well, and Lacey pretty much leaps off the page to kick butt. We also get to meet two other strong and fun women with Mussk and Rasta. As these four women get introduced to each other, not only are there laughs to be had but some great action.

Coming up with a new story and characters is never easy, and finding a way to tell that story is also not an easy task. Stuart Black has managed to not only tell this story well, but he’s got memorable characters that readers will surely just want more of after embracing this issue. Knowing that he has done the writing, the pencils, the inks, the colours and lettering is quite an impressive feat. The talent he has for each of those elements is very apparent, and especially note worthy is the way he gets the action across with each panel.

This fantastic first issue is a great start to a series, and easily one of the best debut issues of a comic I have read in recent years. The first issue is never easy and the labour of love is truly felt within each page. Knowing there are more issues, is an exciting prospect, and one can expect that Black only gets better and better. This is an adventure that comes highly recommended, THE 4HORSEFEMMES are the kind of ladies you’ll want in your life.


THE 4HORSEFEMMES comics are available to purchase in store at some of Melbournes premiere comic book stores.

You can also purchase them online here – http://www.indyplanet.us/brands/stuartblack/


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