Super Podcast Ep 140 – A Film For Every Emotion


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Welcome listeners to this 140th episode of the Super Podcast! BOOYAH!

Please join your always trusty host Super Marcey as she is joined by two first time Super Podcast guests. First up she welcomes Denny Luis the wonderful host of The After Midnight Podcast and secondly we welcome Marc Chevalier a long time podcast listener but first time on a show! Marc your podcasting cherry is now officially popped!

In this episode of the podcast we discuss the films we watch for the emotions and moods we are in, what do we watch for a cheer up? Or what do we watch to inspire us? Films mean so much to everyone, so which ones work for us and what we need in life?

Highlights include:

*Gotta fit in some Batch talk

*These two boys talk all about Montreal living

*What films can cheer us up and do we agree on our choices?

*How a film can remind us of our childhoods

*Which film cuts us so deep we just have to cry?

*How did we end up talking about Baseball?

*Which films has Marc not seen?

*What exactly is a vagina film?

*So much more!


As usual you can find us at:

Host on Twitter – @SuperMarcey

Guest on Twitter – @therealD_Luis

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