[Wrestling] NXT 06/06/16 Review

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Welcome back to our weekly NXT review, as we gear up for a big Tag Team Battle! 2 out of 3 falls with The Revival and American Alpha! I have been eagerly waiting all week for this title match, bring it on.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss


We had a good backstage segment between these two last week, lots of aggression from Alexa. This was a really solid match, these two share some strong chemistry in the ring and this clicked a lot better than Alexa vs. Carmella, likely due to Bayley having much more experience. This was a good back and forth match, with Alexa having the upper hand at first and then Bayley breaking out a lot of strong offense. Alexa got the upper hand back, and hit some good moves on Bayley. It wasn’t meant to be for Alexa but she did take Bayley to the limit. Bayley To Belly for the win, good match.

Rating: 4/5

Post match Bayley gets on the mic and talks about her road back, how Nia Jax took her opportunity. This quickly prompts Nia to make her way out, a pretty intense stare down happens and I like that. The on going feud is actually really good, Bayley is a great opponent for Nia. They agreed to one last match, which I am looking forward to.

Backstage The Revivial get interviewed, they are not worried about their match.

Hype Bros vs. Blake & Murphy


Blake and Murphy tagging again and before the match even starts they aren’t getting along. Mojo starts the match, the other two keep arguing. They even tell Mojo to shit up after he tries to stop them. Before anything else can happen Rhyno randomly shows up and gored everyone, except Murphy who managed to escape.

Rating: 2/5

Promo showcasing the up coming match for Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Really well put together, very excited for this match up, it will be epic.

Backstage with American Alpha for an interview, they are ready for the match.

NXT Tag Team Title Match 2 Out Of 3 Falls: The Revival (c) vs. American Alpha


When these four guys are in the ring it is pure magic, and yet again they delivered a spectacular match. Where to even start with this one? Lots of back and forth action, with all the moves that make these teams stand out. Under handed tactics by The Revival and amazing technical moves by Alpha, they all look like a million bucks. Alpha are so ready to take the WWE by storm, would not be surprised to see them show up as part of the draft. Interesting there was no immediate fall, usually in these types of matches you see that.

It was great to see how much of a fight Alpha puts up, because The Revival are quite brutal, this is how you create a match and make the audience care about what they are seeing. The double teaming by The Revival is stunning, they share this sense of team work that makes them a huge threat. They really make the hot tag feeling meaningful, and Jordan really ran with it. Lots of intensity, with near falls and putting off that first fall just helped that as well. Loved the double ankle lock, which got the first fall.

Jordan went straight back into it to try and get another fall, and he really went for it. A reversal with a submission from The Revival, and they get the second fall. One a piece for the win, great intensity and just such fantastic storytelling. An amazing near fall from Alpha, and then another Ankle Lock, but it gets stopped. Dawson then putting on the inverted figure four but Gable breaks it up. Just WOW! Edge of my seat screaming at the screen, the crowd going crazy! This is what NXT is all about and why the fanbase is so addicted and loyal to the product. The Revival hit their finisher to Gable on the apron and pick up the final fall, brutal move. The right team did win, and what a match up. Four of the best right now, what a pleasure to have seen another classic.

Rating: 5/5

Overall this was about the big tag match, and it was well worth it. Another top episode of NXT, can’t wait for next weeks show.





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