[Comic Review] Luminous Ages #1

Luminous Ages is a brand new comic written and illustrated by Adelaide based artist Anthony Christou, I have been lucky enough to receive a copy ahead of its release for review. You can pre-order Luminous Ages #1 through Anthony’s Patreon Page – https://www.patreon.com/AnthonyChristou
By supporting this extremely talented artist he can create more issues of the comic. You can get access to preview artwork, new pieces, receive prints and so much more depending on which tier you choose.

As a child I was very much into the fantasy genre, new worlds would come to life in the books I read. Worlds where anything was possible, where creatures so fantastical would come to life. I credit the genre with really kick starting my love of books, reading and artwork. It is a genre that I haven’t been familiar with for quite some time, and to its credit while looking at and admiring the artwork for Luminous Ages, I have been drawn back into the land of fantasy.

From its very inception I have been fortunate enough to see Anthony Christou craft a brand new world through his art work. Fantasy is not an easy genre to crack, and for Anthony it is something that comes naturally. His creations have certainly captured my imagination as I am sure they have for the many others who have seen his work. A great imagination and knack for creative flair is something evident with the best that the genre has to offer. Luminous Ages has the potential to be one of the greats to come out of Australia.

The first issue serves as an introduction into the world of Luminous Ages, introducing the mythology and landscape that this story calls home. Born from dreams, the landscape is vast and filled with creatures and magic that even the residents are still learning about. The central story focuses on a young man Thrakos, a farm boy from Kiria who learns he is far more special than he could have imagined. This introduction to the main story works well through the beautiful artwork, showing us this land and Thrakos. Words are not always necessary when a picture can tell us so much more, Anthony has used this method expertly in his storytelling.

We learn why Thrakos is a special young man, to reveal it here would be spoiling the start of the adventure. I enjoyed how this was handled, we are thrust right into his journey, there is no stalling here. Through some clever exposition, things are explained and the world we are learning about opens up so much more. As a first issue should, our appetite is wet for what’s to come, there is a mystery that surrounds Luminous Ages and it will leave readers wanting more. The questions are left open, the right kind of questions, what is to come? What will Thrakos do? How will he cope?

LA_ page1-8a

The artwork itself is fantastic, this new journey is bright and vibrant, with just enough there to let imaginations run wild with possibilities. Needless to say my personal favourite part here was seeing the amazing dragons, and wondering just what part they may play in the overall story. There is so much to admire and look at, that just one read is not enough. Upon each review of issue #1 there is so much to discover within the pages, art that speaks so strongly that it needs to be gazed upon.

If issue #1 of Luminous Ages is this exciting and captivating I really can’t wait to see what the next issues will hold. I want to be a part of this adventure and my attention has certainly been made. Where will Thrakos go from here? Who else will we meet? Where will this adventure take us? There is so much potential, so much beauty created, that I predict Anthony will most certainly meet the potential and then some. For fans of fantasy or even fans of wonderful art or comics, this is a must read/see. Take a journey into a new universe, you wont be disappointed.

For a preview please head to – http://luminousages.com/


Below is the press release for Luminous Ages, please click to enlarge.
Press Release Final


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