Recommends Horror Films for Halloween Night


As Halloween creeps up upon the world, the lovely folk at wrap up all of our horror viewing and perhaps get ready to go Trick Or Treating, we are all here to give you out some recommendations.

As is tradition for a lot of people, watching at least one horror film for the Halloween season is a must. Still deciding on what to watch? Well the crew have some recommendations for you!

Marcey Recommends The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is a film that can be watched at anytime, but I think it works best at both Halloween and Christmas time. Not only is this an excellent film, its a family film that still manages to have some amazing horror visuals. As an aunty to a 5 and a half year old, I share my Halloween day with her. We will go Trick Or Treating, and to wrap up the day/night I would love to sit down and watch this with her as we eat some of our Trick Or Treating loot. She absolutely loves this film, and for both of us I think it represents Halloween and it also works as a great film to prepare for the madness of the Christmas season.

Bede Recommends Grindhouse (2007)

Rose McGowan Grindhouse

While there are a lot of great horror films to watch on Halloween, there’s one in particular that I believe is perfect to watch on that day but nobody ever seems to mention it: the Robert Rodriquez & Quentin Tarantino 3 hour horror double feature GRINDHOUSE. This film has all the ingredients that you want from a horror film. You have two awesome films (the 80’s John Carpenter-esque zombie film PLANET TERROR and the 70’s exploitation influenced car thriller DEATH PROOF) from two great directors at the top of their game, some fantastic fake trailers (from the likes of Rob Zombie, Eli Roth and Edgar Wright), a great all-star cast, action, thrills, gore and, most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. There’s no doubt in my mind that GRINDHOUSE should be essential viewing for any horror fan to watch on Halloween night. It’s just an absolute blast!

Bea Recommends Student Bodies (1981)

Student Bodies

A killer who goes by the moniker The Breather racks up a score of teenage bodies at the local high school in this scathing parody of slasher films and then some.

I remember the first time I saw this film on a lark one night back in eleventh grade. I hadn’t heard of it and since I’ll try most of anything once, I gave it a go and boy golly am I glad I did. This film was hilarious on multiple levels. On it’s own it’s a rollicking comedy that isn’t afraid to be crass, vulgar and goofy while at the same time taking the goop out of popular horror movie tropes at the time. However, what makes elevates the value of this gem is that it is a post-modern parody that wasn’t actually at the time post-modern. For about nine more years after this films’ release, the tropes it made sport of continued to be used in countless slashers- a prototypical Scream if you will. If there was a drinking game attached to this movie of which you had to take a drink every time you laughed you wouldn’t be pickled, you’d be dead. Check it out, you’ll be happy you did!

James Recommends Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

Return of the Living Dead

If there is one movie I have to recommend to watch on Halloween, it Return of the Living Dead. This is the ultimate Halloween party movie! It blends the horror elements with comedy(“Send more cops!”) in a way few movies ever achieve. The soundtrack is absolutely killer and helps set the punk rock tone to the film. It has shots and lighting effects that remind me of the classic EC Comics that helped inspire most genre filmmakers. Most importantly, its just pure fun. And fun is my favorite part of the Halloween spirit!

Plus, there is Linnea Quigley. Oh man, is there ever Linnea Quigley….


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