Blu-ray Review: WWE Wrestlemania 31 (2015) 2 Disc Set

WM31The Event: WWE’s 31st Wrestlemania event for 2015 was one of their biggest shows in some time, it even rivals the excellent show they put on for Wrestlemania 30 last year.

The build up for this event was quite poor, with many fans questioning whether the company could put on a decent show, or if this would be their worst ‘Mania in years. They proved us all wrong, and this event was exciting and it had us all on the edge, wondering what was going to happen.

I was excited for this event despite the build up and it delivered everything a life long fan could have wanted, and then some. The ending while I had a feeling it could happen, still shocked and excited me. Plus seeing the icon Sting in a WWE ring is a moment to remember.

Here is a run down of the matches:

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Bad News Barrett vs, Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper vs. R-Truth vs. Stardust vs. Dean Ambrose
I was pretty happy that this was the opening match, nothing quite gets the excitement up more than a big ladder match. This was a pretty exciting match too, and the build up was quite terrible as well. The superstars had been taking turns ‘stealing’ the IC Title, and I am sure fans were not terribly excited in this match at first. These guys know how to deliver the goods, and that they did! Dean Ambrose took a really sick bump with Luke Harper, certainly a highlight of the match. Daniel Bryan reached the top, getting a big win at Wrestlemania. Always wonderful to see his hard work pay off, and this is a title he hadn’t held before.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
I knew this match would be a good one, Orton and Rollins work extremely well together and this feud had been building for months. Orton seems to be in the best shape of his career, his moves are so fluid and he rarely misses a beat. Being in a program with someone like Rollins has really lit a fire for Orton as well. This match told a story, every hit between these two meant something. I was glad this match had a really long and good build up and it completely delivered on every level and then some. The ending really surprised me as I was expecting Rollins to get the win, however his loss opened up something else I suspected …


Sting vs. Triple H
This match had a lot of build up and Sting only really showed up to say anything just before the event. Building up this match didn’t need much because long time fans were in the second Sting showed up. They made this into a WWE vs. WCW affair, and the outcome was obvious once that really set in. However I don’t think the winner really matter, we the fans won here because this was a match we never thought we would see! Let alone Sting being at Wrestlemania and in the WWE! The match started off slow but it built towards somethinng and even rewatching the match I find myself on edge.

We even had appearances by the original nWo and DX, just to make things even more nostalgic. While Sting did not win, there was a huge show of respect after the match and as I said the fans were the real winners here. I might add Triple H had an insane entrance with a Terminator theme.


Skylar Grey and Kid Ink with Travis Barker Performance
Performances at Wrestlemania usually lose me, and this one lost me. Not my kind of music and I didn’t have much interest.

AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins
I was fairly excited for this match with Paige and A.J. teaming up against the Bellas, a title match would have been great at Wrestlemania but this match did have meaning. The Bellas have been ruling the division, and as a fan it does annoy me. They haven’t added much and their sudden teaming back up made no sense after a heated feud. Paige and A.J. feuded too but at least their alliance made sense. This was a pretty solid match, with some good action, and the right women won here. Sadly not long after this match A.J. retired from in ring competition, she’ll be missed.


United States Championship Match: Rusev vs John Cena
I don’t think anyone doubted Cena would get the win here, seeing as they built it up as the USA vs. Russia. Rusev had an impressive entrance and Lana looked stunning. The match itself was really good, and entertaining. They did tell a story here and their feud made sense, not sure if this was the best of their bouts but I was hooked. There were moments where it seemed Cena may lose, but the Superman came out on top and grabbed that US Title.

The Rock with Ronda Rousey Interrupts The Authority (Triple H and Stephanie)
This was a fun segment and something entertaining to have a small break to. The Authority come out and act smug as they do, but The Rock was having non of that. Stephanie being the entertained that she is really dug into The Rock, but he had some back up with Ronda Rousey. The crowd was loving this, and it got me even more pumped to see the confrontation. Ronda Rousey tossed Triple H and grabbed Stephanie, it was epic! Despite being told many times it was a once off, the buzz was huge and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ronda back in a WWE ring.


The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt
After last year with The Undertaker losing to Brock Lesner, and the streak officially broken, I wasn’t sure we would see The Undertaker again. He did look tired last year and I was sure it was his last match, but wow! The man came back looking so much better and he delivered a fairly entertaining match against Bray Wyatt. Pitting Wyatt against The Undertaker makes sense, and their match while not a classic was still pretty good. The highlight was seeing The Undertaker again, recovered from last years match and showing that he is unique and can still go for it. I would love to see The Undertaker vs. Sting for next year, with that being a retirement match for them.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Ship Match: Brock Lesner w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns

This match took awhile to get going, the crowd were clearly on the side of Brock Lesner, with many feeling that Reigns wasn’t ready to headline Wrestlemania. I think if they held off having Bryan in the Royal Rumble, this wouldn’t have happened. Once the match did get going, it was fairly hard hitting, Reigns really tried to sell but to also look powerful but I don’t think he was quite ready for a challenge like Lesner. Lesner however looked really strong and he was delivering it all for the crowd. In fact it was SUPLEX CITY BITCH!

This match didn’t end the way many perhaps thought it would (I had a feeling), Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and got himself added to the match making it a Triple Threat. He pinned Reigns and became the new Champion, making a big enemy out of Brock Lesner and making The Authority very happy.


The Australian Blu-ray
Audio/Video: The video and audio quality is exactly what you can expect from the WWE, it is fantastic. The blu-ray looks and sounds fantastic, this is the only way to watch Wrestlemania (in my opinion of course). A must have for every fan to have in their collection.

* Kick-Off Match – Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match (Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores)
* Kick-Off Match – The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
* John Cena Prepares For Rusev
* Seth Rollins Is The Future
* 2o15 Hall Of Fame Ceremony
* The Beast Is Here To Hunt (Blu-ray Exclusive)
* Daniel Bryan Sets His Sight On The Intercontinental Championship (Blu-ray Exclusive)


This is jam packed with bonus features, and they are all worth watching! The Kick-Off show matches are a lot of fun, the Tag Team Match was insane but it was pretty fun to watch and it showcased wrestlers who may have been left off the show completely. The Battle Royal was fun, it was disappointing it wasn’t on the main show but at least they had it. My pick was Ryback or Hideo Itami the NXT entrant, but that wasn’t meant to be and the Big Show won. It makes sense since he’s a big giant like Andre the Giant.

The features with Cena and Rollins are decent, fun to watch and a reminder that they had some pretty good matches.

The Blu-ray bonus features are pretty good, one with Bryan and one with Lesner. Again a reminder that these two are very much worth watching, and that this stage anything with Bryan is good.

The real highlight though is the Hall Of Fame Ceremony, this was an emotional show from start to finish. So many greats being inducted, and the addition of the Warrior Award was wonderful. I was a blubbering mess watching this, tears through the whole ceremony, so much emotion! The reason to own the blu-ray aside from Wrestlemania is the Hall Of Fame Ceremony, a must see for fans new and old.

Overall Rating

You can buy the Blu-ray here –

Thanks to Shock for their support.

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