Super Podcast Ep 122 – Our Top 5 Fav Film Villains!

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Super Podcast Ep 122 – Our Top 5 Fav Film Villains!


Hey everyone! It the ‘Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn here. Yes, that’s right folks! we are back! After an long 8 month hiatus, Super Podcast is back to bring you our 122nd show!

Unfortunately my regular co-host Super Marcey wasn’t able to join this episode due to health reasons. But fear not, Marcey has asked me to take charge of this one with the help of both Nick Bosworth and Bea Harper as my co-hosts. For this special comeback episode, the three of us talk about our top 5 favourite film villains. Plus we also briefly discuss both our worst and favourite guilty pleasure villains as well. We have a lot to talk about in this episode! I hope you all enjoy it!

Highlights include:






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