[Graphic Novel Review] I Only Have EYE For You

I Only Have EYE For You Written By: Heather Nuhfer
Illustrated By: Kellee Riley
Published By: Little, Brown And Company

Review: I am sure it is no secret by now that for over 2 years I have been a fan of all things Monster High. I have well over 200 dolls in my collection, I have seen every single webisode and all of the films. More recently though I have been getting into the books, first the novels by Gitty Daneshvari (highly recommended they are very fun) and now I have started Lisi Harrison’s first one. As great as these are, I always want more.

Well last year the brand went into doing graphic novels, and I couldn’t be happier. Currently there are two out, Hopes And Screams: The Gory Gazette and this current one I Only Have EYE For You. Now it would be pretty awesome if Monster High actually got a monthly comic, but these graphic novels are a great start for the format.

I Only Have EYE For You is actually tied into the 2014 doll release for SDCC of Manny and Iris. I had heard about a comic circulating at SDCC with the doll, but I had no idea until recently there was a new graphic novel. Manny and Iris are in this one, along with some other couples of Monster High. The book itself is a series of short stories, a romantic little book that all tie together in the end (it actually ties in to an earlier film). I really like the idea of having the short stories, with the romance theme here. It is a great chance to get some more insight into the characters and couples of Monster High.


First we have Manny and Iris, and we see a softer side to Manny and learn more about Iris, who until recently has been more of a background character. I really enjoyed their story, it is very sweet. The other stand out story was of Cleo and Deuce, two characters most fans are quite familiar with. They have been together since the start of the brand, the long lasting couple of Monster High. Their story gave more insight into Cleo, adding more to her than just being the mean girl of the group. She too has a soft side, and enjoys the simple pleasures, yes who would have thought. I have to give props to the Scarah and Billy story, it went with a body switch theme, lots of laughs and a nice ending too.

The other stories are good as well, and the way they tie in together really worked as well. I think what gives this book the edge over The Gory Gazette is the artwork. It feels a lot more polished and refined, and it really captures what makes each character special. I was extremely impressed with how great it looked, and it just had a much better flow than The Gory Gazette. From here I only expect things to get better on the graphic novel front and I really hope we see more books. And I will definitely be pining away for a monthly comic as well. There are lots of stories to tell at Monster High and this is a great way to tell them, and even bring in new fans.



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