Interview: Michael Paré

Michael f was lucky enough to have a quick interview with the legendary actor Michael Paré, as part of the release for Uwe Boll’s latest film to get released in Australia (which Pare co-stars in) Assault On Wall Street.

Michael Paré has been working steadily for over 30 years, with films such as Streets Of Fire, The Philadelphia Experiment, Eddie And The Cruisers, Moon 44, Bad Moon and so many others making their mark. In recent years Paré has often teamed with Uwe Boll, whether he stars in one of his films or makes an appearance, it is always a lot of fun to see him.

As a long time fan of Michael Paré and his work, it was an honour to have the chance to speak with him. Hopefully once Michael has finished shooting, he will be able to come back and chat to us some more.

Michael Pare as Frank

Q: Assault On Wall Street from Uwe Boll is out on DVD here in Australia on the 18th of February, and you are part of the cast. For those who may not not, what is the film about and what role do you play?

MP: Assault on Wall Street is about corporate greed, abuse of the population and pain, suffering frustration and one man’s reaction to all that. Dominic is the lead I am his friend in law enforcement and and encourage him and in the end join him.

Q: You have a long history of working with Mr. Boll, can you tell us how you both first met and what the relationship between you both is like?

MP: I met Uwe on Sanctimony, his first movie shot in north America. We became friends, cooking together and watching boxing together.

Q: Some of your most popular films are from the 80’s, including Eddie and the Cruisers – even though that film had a sequel have you wanted to revisit the character of Eddie again?

MP: Yeah I would love to play Eddie again.

Eddie 1

Q: The Philadelphia Experiment is an absolute classic, what can you tell us about the making of the film and your experiences?

MP: Making Philly was great fun, actually I read the book back in high school.

Q: One film I just have to ask about is Eric Red’s Bad Moon, it is quite an entertaining werewolf film. What was it like to work on the film with Eric?

MP: Eric is one of my favorite directors and I will always remember Bad Moon as a favorite movie.

Q: One film you have coming up is John Fallon’s The Shelter, last year I did speak to John about the film. Anything you can say about the film?

MP: I can’t wait to see The Shelter.

You can now purchase Assault On Wall Street on DVD and Blu-ray (click below)

Assault 1

assault 2


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