[TV Review] Broadchurch 2×07 & 08

Broadchurch Season 2

I am a little late in my write up, such is life though. Broadchurch has now wrapped up it’s second season, and it will be back for a third with David Tennant and Olivia Colman. So these final two episodes wrapped up the murder trial and revealed what really happened in Sandbrook. The lead up to this has mostly been very solid, suspenseful and definitely kept me guessing.

There is now no doubt that Joe Miller did in fact kill Danny Latimer, we know he is a scum bag. But what did the jury decide? Well in a huge disappointment the jury found him not guilty. Talk about pissing off the viewers, although it was in the end a joke of a trial. Sharon did her job, and the jury apparently agreed with her. Even though Jocelyn did her job extremely well also, the mess that was made did leave a lot of doubt. Now the jury all did not agree it was majority, so there is that. So Joe went free.

The only punishment he got was the main cast getting together, Beth finally getting to talk to Joe, and banishing him. I kind of wished an accident had done away with him or something, but this is not the ending or the kind of justice that I wanted to see. Unfortunately it does reflect real life because guilty people do get set free.

With Sandbrook, yes the truth came out. It felt like not everything was made clear, so I am not sure if this story will play a part in Season 3, I actually hope it is a brand new case. So Ricky ended up killing his niece in a fit of rage after catching her and Lee having sex. His daughter heard everything, and was told that Lee did it. So in hoping to protect Lee, Claire killed the daughter. A real big muddled mess if you ask me. The body of the niece was found, she was left under a fresh grave. The reveal in the end seemed obvious, everyone was involved in the mess. As engaged as I was in this storyline I think we needed a bit more.

Sadly Broadchurch started off hot but didn’t quite reach the heights of the first season. We shall see what happens with season 3, I will be watching because I do love the dynamic between Hardy and Miller.


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