[Wrestling] Match of the Day: Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre The Giant (Saturday Night Main Event)

When it comes to those that love pro wrestling, their education is never finished. You can live your whole life as fan of wrestling and still never see everything that their is to see, so much rich history that you weren’t around for or went right under your nose. The WWE knows this and that is why on their official website, they released a top 10 countdown of ‘Dream Matches nobody knew existed.” It is a brilliant marketing tool for the WWE Network, any fan that is interested in expanding their education no doubt tracked all matches on said list down, and the Network is the perfect place to do that. One of my favorite matches on that countdown was the gem that Ultimate Warrior and Andre The Giant put on for the Intercontinental Championship that the world witnessed on November 25, 1989.

The Ultimate Warrior and Andre The Giant are two of the most larger than life characters pro wrestling has ever produced. I’m glad the video below includes half of what contributed to Warrior’s mystique. Promo wise, Warrior gave us outlandish speeches with a passion and intensity few in the business have ever matched, and he backed it up in the ring. Andre The Giant…well his presence and power spoke for itself, and to see two men the quality of Warrior and Andre represents the magic that swept me up in the world of pro wrestling to begin with. Add to that the antics of the legendary Bobby ‘The Brain” Heenan (who backed Andre in those days) and you have a recipe for success. And that’s exactly what this match was. So enjoy.


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