[TV Review] Broadchurch 2×04

Broadchurch Season 2

Yes I am a little late with this review, because to be honest this was not a great episode, nor was it overly memorable. I actually forgot about it until now.

This episode continues on, focusing I felt more on Sandbrook than on Broadchurch. With Sandbrook we get more insight into that case, and my feeling is that Lee is not guilty of these crimes. He does confront Ellie this episode, and claims his wife Claire has slept with Hardy. If that is the case, Hardy is a lot deeper into this case than it first appeared. His wife as we found out was the lead detective on the case, with the power to reopen it. Hardy also has a daughter the same age as one of the murdered girls, and he did find the body of the girl. So for Hardy there was a lot of development, which was needed for his character. There is more insight into Sandbrook and why he was so emotional with the case, and perhaps some insight as to why the case fell apart. We also get the feeling he needed to solve Danny’s murder as a redemption (which we got the idea of last season too).

We also have Ellie and Hardy going to Sandbrook to find out more, we see the grieving parents, and in particular the father Ricky feels a little more mysterious. He in fact looks like the one that sent Claire the the bluebells (or was it the wife?). My instincts are telling me that Claire was having some kind of affair with Ricky, and she is behind the murders, not her husband. She wanted to pin it on him, and perhaps her being frightened of him is for that reason? This episode really set up a lot for this case, and more will be revealed.

Hardy Miller

With the Broadchurch end, Susan Wright made a come back, finding Ollie in her place. Why has she returned? She is to testify for the defense of Joe Miller. The case to prove Joe Miller killed Danny isn’t as strong as one would have thought, Jocelyn is not feeling too strong, and this really comes out through her emotions in this episode. With the Latimer’s, Mark decides not to see Ollie anymore, instead choosing to concentrate on his new born daughter. Mark even insists that Ollie see Ellie, that reuinion should be quite interesting.

And on to the cliffhanger of the episode, a new suspect in now in the picture, could Joe really be innocent or? With Susan Knight on the stand, she claims she saw her son Nigel on the beach dragging Danny’s body to shore. Does this mean she was telling the truth? Is she out to get her son? Or perhaps were Nigel and Joe in it together? Or is Joe innocent of the murder afterall? Time will tell.

Sadly this was a drop in quality for the show, this is basically a filler episode, placing seeds down for the rest of the season. Can it get my interest back? Well after the bombshell of an ending, yes.


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