[TV Review] Broadchurch 2×03

Broadchurch Season 2

Things are really starting to get juicy now! Third episode into Season 2 and things are starting to almost fall into place. The Sandbrook case has taken a few turns, and we the audience are the detectives trying to work things out. The trial of Joe Miller is continuing and it is getting very ugly, no one is safe right now.

At the end of last weeks episode Beth went into labour with Ellie with her, not her ideal situation. Despite Beth wishing Ellie away, Ellie took her home and got her into the pool for her home birth. Mark was no where to be seen, as we know from the previous two episodes he has been hanging out with Tom, Ellie’s son. A new life is brought into the world through all of the madness, and as Mark promises his new daughter things will be different, we see Danny’s photo. There was also a nice touching scene with Ellie and Chloe, and it seems Chloe understands that Ellie didn’t know about Joe and Danny.

There is more character development with Jocelyn and Sharon, as Sharon has a son in prison and it seems like perhaps she did not defend him? And Jocelyn has her elderly mother in a home that it seems she can’t quite afford. Both women are very fiercely into the case, and are fighting hard, perhaps because they feel useless with those other elements. Jocelyn as we see is under a lot of stress and manages to crash her car, I felt this almost symbolised the crash that came down at the final scene of the trial for this episode.


On the Sandbrook area of things, it seems that Lee Ashworth is out to get Hardy’s attention, because as he later reveals he has done his own investigating, to try to prove he is innocent. However Ellie does not suspect Lee, her encounters with Claire are making her wonder whether she is an innocent wife after all. The Sandbrook case is unravelling at a really good pace, and I find myself a lot more invested now.

Now for the trial, Joe Miller’s defence are doing a fine job, they are placing his phone messages and emails with Danny into question, because there is no proof he actually sent them. And to end off the episode Sharon accuses Ellie and Hardy of and affair and them framing Joe for the murder for their own agenda. Now this came out of no where, I did not expect this to happen. We know there is nothing between these two, she yelled at him deservedly at the start of this episode, but how can they prove otherwise? And how will everyone react to these allegations? Next week should be very interesting, while this was not a cliffhanger as such, seeing a shaken up Ellie Miller is enough for me to count down the days until the next episode.

As with every episode this was beautifully shot and framed, major credit to the car crash scene and Jocelyn’s aftermath. Acting again is top notch from the cast, although I do think Jodie Whittaker needs to tone it down, who doesn’t Beth yell at these days? The stand out though was Olivia Colman who went through a lot as Ellie in this episode, it really was all about her.



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