[TV Review] Broadchurch 2×02

Broadchurch Season 2

A week has gone by already? Did Broadchurch Season 2 really start over a week ago? Time flies huh? After last weeks bombshell episode with Joe Miller (Matthew Gravelle) pleading not guilty to the murder of Danny Latimer, the trial begins.

At the end of last weeks episode the defence for Joe Miller, led by Sharon Bishop (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), ordered the exhumation of Danny’s body. Traumatising is one way to put it, and the ramifications are felt in this episode as the exhumation was all for nothing. The Latimer’s are not doing well, Mark and Beth (Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker) are very distant and naturally worried about the trial. They have Jocelyn Knight (Charlotte Rampling) planning her every move to ensure a conviction.

However, things aren’t looking good, the defence have their sights set on excluding the confession of Joe Miller. And how can they possibily get it excluded? Well, remember last season when Ellie (Olivia Colman) found out her own husband Joe confessed? She beat him up before being removed, well this incident has been brought back and it brings the confession into question. It also makes us the audience wonder if Joe really did do it? Yes he confessed, but can that be trusted? The confession wasn’t beaten out of him, but still much like the jury is questioning things, so are we. A great moment at the end of this episode saw Beth attack Ellie, accusing her of beating Joe in order to get the confession put into question. You can’t blame Beth for thinking that because it does look suspicious, but we all know Ellie lost it at Joe because her husband isn’t what she thought.

Next week should be interesting to see how this impacts things, and how both Beth and Ellie deal in the aftermath.

Broadchurch 2x02

On the other end we have the continuation of the Sandbrook case that Alec Hardy (David Tennant) was investigating before Broadchurch. The suspected killer Lee Ashworth (James D’Arcy) has followed Hardy to Broadchurch and he wants to see his wife Claire (Eve Myles), who Hardy has been hiding for 7 months. Having this case, with the similarities to the Broadchurch case coming up, is an interesting addition and it was quite suspenseful this week. Lee Ashworth looks and acts like a man guilty of murder, but is that too obvious? What does he want with his wife? We know she lied for him to give him an alibi, but does he want her gone to cover his tracks?

Hardy askes Ellie for help again with this, he wants Lee and Claire and to meet (so he can hopefully film a confession), but it is risky. Can they manage to do this without something going wrong? Well this is the conclusion of this weeks episode, and it goes all go wrong. Perhaps Hardy should have picked a better location than Ellie’s old house. The distraction of Beth confronting Ellie, causes Lee to leave with Claire undetected.

This too will have repercussions for the next episode, and the suspense is quite intense. The show contiunues to be one of my favourites on TV, and once again it delivered a very solid episode. The two storylines are intersecting quite well, and enough time is being given to each. The scene with Ellie and Claire discussing their own similarities was a great scene, and it did need to happen. Where to from here? Until next week …



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