Marcey’s Favourite Films of 2014

I will add this little disclaimer, I haven’t seen as many films for 2014 as I wanted to, mainly due to my health issues. However with what I have seen, I decided to list my favourite films. They are not listed in any type of order, and they are judged on my own entertainment levels. I also haven’t seen The Raid 2 yet, I know that is quite bad, but I am sure it would have made this list. (I promise to watch it soon ok).

The Lego Movie

“THE LEGO MOVIE does not feel like an ad for its products, in fact it never does pander to the crowd. It shows Lego old and new, and its aim is to give the audience their favourite toy is a different way. We all wished our Lego’s would move and talk and build themselves, the film gives us that fantasy and it is highly enjoyable in that way.” 4.5/5


“I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it is a very fun ride with lots of ups and downs. It is full of amazing looking food, and I would advise lining up some good food for after the film because you will be hungry. Favreau has made a great film, he’s a more than competent filmmaker, it looks amazing and it hits us where it matters.” 4/5

The Winter Soldier

“This film took a huge risk by changing the entire landscape for the world built here over the course of several films, but it works extremely well. It manages to pull off several interesting plots that intertwine, and introduces some new characters that mesh perfectly well into the fold. This is one of Marvel Studio’s best films.” 4.5/5


“A film has been talked about since the show ended, and now after all these years it has finally happened. The expectations for this film are insane, fans have waited so long and it has gained so many more fans since the film got funded through Kickstarter, so did this live up to the hype and deliver the goods that fans desperately needed? In one word …. YES!” 5/5

Godzilla yo

“It feels like I have waited my entire life for Hollywood to finally get Godzilla right! And you know what in the hands of Gareth Edwards and his team, it has!” 5/5

22 Jump Street my name Jeff

“This is a great comedy film, a rare comedy sequel that works as well as the first. It is almost on equal ground with its predecessor, and this makes me happy to say.” 4/5

Dawn Of The Planet

“This is a sequel that improves upon the original and continues on the story successfully. The apes are some of the best characters you’ll see on film, with Cesar being an incredible achievement. You will not be hoping the humans come out ok with this film, all hail the apes!” 4.5/5


“This is quite possibly my favourite Marvel Studios film to date, it is a modern day Star Wars in a way. A space adventure, with a group of misfits, off to save the galaxy! Plus it has a talking raccoon and a walking talking tree, AWESOME!” 4.5/5

The Boxtrolls

“This really is a lovely film, amazing stop motion animation, wonderful characters and some amazing villains that are rather revolting. The Boxtrolls is a great family film, laughs for the kids and adults alike with those jokes that the older crowd will get, and the kids will get in due time. A wonderful achievement, and who wouldn’t want a boxtroll after seeing this?” 4/5

Gone Girl yo

“It is meant to make you feel a certain way, and leave you thinking. You aren’t supposed to pick a side in the end, it isn’t meant to feel 100% realistic, it is darkly funny film about two characters who aren’t to be liked.” 4.5/5

Big Hero 6

“A big family fun action/adventure film from Disney, and it works! I absolutely fell in love with this film, and in particular Baymax the nursing robot who becomes so much more. There is so much heart in this film, it is bound to get to everyone who watches, at least just a little bit.” 4/5


“The years best film in my opinion, a human drama that hits on so many levels and brings forth a lot of emotions. Nolan for me has made his masterpiece, and this will stand out as the film of 2014 for many years to come.” 5/5


One thought on “Marcey’s Favourite Films of 2014

  1. I bloody loved Chef. Great music, great food, great truck. When you think food is one of the fundamental things in life, there aren’t actually many films about it and this film really gets across just how enjoyable food can be.


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