[TV Review] Broadchurch 2×01


After a nice long wait, well at least it felt that way, the break out UK hit of 2013 is back with its second season. As a very devoted fan of the show, I actually stayed well away from any spoilers on what this next season would be able. I wanted to go in surprised, and that really is exactly what I got.

Naturally I did question where they could go from here, tackle a fresh case while the town recovers? Well that sort of is the case, the town is certainly trying to recover, but the case isn’t over yet. The murder of Danny Latimer is still well and truly the driving point of this new season. The killer was revealed in the final episode of last season, this season will focus on the trial as the killer shocked all by pleading ‘not guilty’.

The main cast from last season are back, with Alec Hardy (David Tennant) being our lead once again. Olivia Colman is back too as Ellie Miller, a woman suffering perhaps as much as anyone. Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan are back as the Latimer’s, dealing with the trial of their murderer son and the pending birth of their new addition. The other usual suspects are back with Arthur Darvill as Rev. Coates, and there are some new welcome additions including Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Sharon Bishop who is representing the killer and Charlotte Rampling as Jocelyn Knight who agrees to represent the Latimers.

broadchurch s2 e1

As much as this season seems to be able the trial, which is definitely going to get very dirty and very emotional, it is also set to be about Hardy’s last case as well. We see some flashbacks to that case, and learn the details. It is also revealed why Hardy came to Broadchurch, he is protecting a witness in that case. The case also parallels that of Danny Latimer, and the witness shares a lot in common with Ellie.

This first episode dived right back into things, the actors felt right back at home in their roles, the haunting town was back and the drama and emotion running high. The relationships between the characters have changed, Ellie is a ruined woman, the Latimer’s are dealing with far too much, and Mark in particular isn’t dealing too well, forming a bond with Ellie’s son – perhaps to fill the void left by Danny, and for Ellie’s son, perhaps he is also filling a void. If this episode is anything to go by, this season is going to be a roller-coaster ride, in many different ways. It has picked up the story in a way I wasn’t expecting, and much like last season, I will probably be surprised with each turn.

Everything feels very top notch, the acting, the writing, the direction, and it really does feel like one of the best made drama shows on TV today. Looking forward to episode 2, and seeing what twists and turns it brings.


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