Supanova Adelaide 2014: Photos with Guests and Autographs

Here are the photos we had with guests as well as the autographs we got.

Katie Cook and Andy Price Autograph


Steve Worland Autograph


Marcey and Steve Worland


Matthew Reilly Autograph


Chris and Matthew Reilly


Greg Cipes Autographs

2014-11-25 11-46-17_0002-sm

2014-11-25 11-47-05_0003-sm

2014-11-25 11-53-50_0006-sm

Jack Gleeson Autographs

2014-11-25 11-55-40_0008-sm

2014-11-25 11-56-29_0009-sm

Marcey and Chris with Jack Gleeson

2014-11-25 11-57-27_0010-sm

John Jarratt Autograph

2014-11-25 11-44-17_0001-sm

Marcey  and Chris with John Jarratt



Bill Moseley Autograph

2014-11-25 11-45-03_0002-sm

Marcey and Bill Moseley


Peter Cullen Autographs

2014-11-25 11-52-50_0005-sm

2014-11-25 11-54-49_0007-sm

Marcey and Chris with Peter Cullen

2014-11-25 11-52-00_0004-sm

Marcey and Jamie Bamber

Marcey and Jamie Bamber

Marcey and Chris with Austin St John

Marcey and Austin St John

Chris and Austin St John

Marcey and Chris with Walter Jones

Marcey and Walter Jones

Chris and Walter Jones


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