Paul’s WWE Survivor Series 2014 Review

A legendary PPV needs to start off with a bang and this one did with another appearance from the Chairman of the Board Mr. McMahon. He calls Triple H, Steph, and John Cena out to the ring. Stephanie gets on the mic and asks John what victory he thinks he’ll really have? Because even if Team Cena wins, the Authority will still run things from the offices in Connecticut. Vince interjects and informs Steph that’s not what he had in mind. The actuality is that if the Authority loses Triple H and Stephanie will be become little more than pencil pushers for the company. The decision to every bring them back into power is granted to John Cena and John Cena alone. Stakes are raised, the night begins.

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Fourway: Gold & Stardust vs. Miz & Mizdow vs. The USOs vs. Los Matadores

This match was a great way to start the night. The WWE struck gold with Mizdow and featuring his over as hell gimmick was a great way to get the crowd amped up for the night. Some great back and forth action with every member of each team getting their opportunity to shine throughout the match. I feel like the crowd would have been sports entertained just seeing Mizdow wrestle himself the duration of this match, as they cheered for nobody but him the entire time. This tag match hit all the beats we’ve seen in tag matches as of late, sooner or later everything descended into chaos and every single participat ended up hitting a high flying move to the outside. With Goldust and Jey Uso as the legal men the action made its way back into the ring, USO went to the top rope only for Miz to tag himself in, immediately after Mizdow tagged himself in to pin Goldust to become one half of the NEW Tag Team Champions. To the fans delight of course. Fans of Mizdow will enjoy this match because the antics we all know and love were there. They played on the future split of Miz and Mizdow and I can’t wait to see it.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Divas Tag Team Match

This match was actually pretty entertaining if you ask me. All these women have talent in the ring that can’t be denied and it was amazing seeing Paige portray the worst team captain that has ever captained a team. It’s because of this that the team captained by Natalya got a clean sweep victory over Paige and her crew. Our participants were Natalya, Alicia Fox, Emma, and Naomi vs. Paige, Summer Rae, Layla, and Cameron. Paige’s screams and her unwillingess to work with others resulted in her team being picked off one by one with Paige being the last one standing. The crowd got behind Paige a bit via their love for the underdog but to no avail. A great Divas bout that showcased the talent of every single one of them. A very welcome addition to the card. More Paige is good Paige.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

What an intense, hard hitting match that revealed the best chemistry Bray Wyatt has had with an opponent for a while. Bray’s promos were true when he says things like these two were made for each other, they both beat the hell out of each other and I loved every second of it. Most of the brutality here came from Bray as he instigated some amazing collisions including a brain busting clothesline that knocked Ambrose clear out of the ring. Other great moments included Ambrose mocking Bray by immitating his mindgame pose he does in the corner. After a good match of back and forth and near falls, Bray grabbed a mic and pleaded with Ambrose to see the light. They could rule this world together. They’re special. Nobody could touch them. Bray got attacked by a chair by Ambrose for his trouble calling a disqualification. More chairs. An elbow through a table. A pose on a ladder. And the next match in this feud is born. NOTE: Later in the night it was announced as official Ambrose vs. Wyatt in a TLC match. I dig the outcome in the fact that there is no clear victor yet. They both tried to outcrazy each other in this match. Just IMAGINE what they’ll do next month.

Divas Championship Match: AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

I hate that there is not much to tell you about this match. The recap of recent weeks of building this feud lasted longer than the actual match did. Entrances were made. Bell sounded. Brie Bella stands on the apron to distract AJ. Where is this going? I’ll tell ya, A KISS!! You heard that right HLA made its way back to WWE at the Survivor Series 2014 PPV. After AJ broke away from Brie she was met with an elbow by Nikki followed by her finishing move to quickly pick up the victory and become the new Divas champion. Not much there in terms of being able to review, other than to say Nikki is very talented in the ring so I can dig her as the new champ. So for now, I’ll just leave this here for you:

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Cena vs. Team Authority

This match, and what happened during will become legendary for several reasons. Not only did it mark the appearance of someone a lot of us thought we’d never see in a WWE ring, but it was Dolph Ziggler, a man with all the talent in the world being the star of the night. The match began with a shocking moment with Big Show and Mark Henry being the first legal men, after a testosterone filled pep talk by Triple H, Henry seemed ready to go only to be met by a right hand by Big Show to be eliminated off the bat. After that I was pleased to see the fans dig the idea of a feud between Harper/Rowan as they teased the future feud between them. Rusev ended up being eliminated without having to be pinned due to a failed dive onto the table at Ziggler, to be counted out. As far as Cena’s involvement in the match, not only was tonight not the Cena show, he’s in ring presence last night ended up being pretty damn minimal. The last tag in Cena made, he was betrayed by Big Show, who struck a deal to save his job and count himself out, only after Cena had been eliminated from the match. Making Ziggler the last man standing for Team Cena.

3 on 1. Ziggler vs. Rollins, Kane, and Harper. In a great comeback moment Ziggler eliminated both Kane and Harper with pretty quick succession. The nervous performances of Triple H and Stephanie throughout the match were psychology brilliance by the way. HHH’s confidence in his teams victory dissappeared and he took matters into his own hands attacking several refs then attacking Ziggler. After he finished his work Triple H called Scott Armstrong down to the ring, and the count began. Then wait! The legend…the icon…STING makes his WWE debut and has probably the best dragged out staredown between two superstars I’ve ever seen. The crowd response was more than I hoped it would be! Sting hits the scorpion death drop on Triple H and drags an unconcious Ziggler over Rollins to give Team Cena the victory. The Authority is fired. The realization dawning on the faces of Triple H and Stephanie is another moment I’ll cherish as a fan. I expected something big. But not this! I damn near cried. A Sting debut and Ziggler as the nights sole survivor makes this a PPV for the ages. And I am honored to be able to review it! Well done WWE! Well done!



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