A Film For Every Year Of My Life – Part 1

I have seen people on YouTube do video’s like this, and I thought I may take a shot but do it as two articles. With my 30th birthday coming up, I figured it would be a good time to list one film each year of my life.

The films I have chosen are ones that have had some kind of impact on my life. They may not be favourites overall but they have left a lasting impact.

Hear are years 1984 to 1992.

1984 – Supergirl: The Movie


This film was a big part of my childhood, I loved Supergirl and seeing the film as a kid was magical. I still absolutely love the film to this day and it was only a few days ago where I had the chance to meet Helen Slater and interview her. Supergirl is one of the reasons why I call myself Super Marcey, so of course out of every great film from 1984 the year of my birth this probably means the most to me, next to The Karate Kid of course.

1985 – Back To The Future


Much like 1985, 1985 had a lot of great releases. A lot of the films from that year mean a lot to me, but perhaps none more so than Back To The Future. I can’t even remember how many times I have seen this film! I was so in love with Marty, I wanted to be known as Marcey McFly! The film is a staple of pop culture today, and it is a film that is still very much loved by new generations.

1986 – Stand By Me


This is my all time favourite film, of course I have to pick it for 1986. Nothing means as much to me as this film, this film is a part of me. I watched it almost weekly as a kid and as I grew older it started to have even more meaning for me. I really identified with Gordie as a kid, I felt like in some ways I was him. Now whenever I watch this film I cry my eyes out because it just has so much meaning.

1987 – Empire Of The Sun


This is actually my favourite Steven Spielberg film, this one is a little more of a gem within his filmography. Again like Stand By Me I would watch this film often as a kid, with my Dad. It does star a very young Christian Bale, and I was very much in love with him back then, and not much has changed has it? While I did find this film upsetting as a kid, I did find it very powerful and I still do.

1988 – Twins


Now I know what you are thinking, there are a lot of amazing films from 1988 I could have picked. However Twins does mean a lot to me, this is a film I watched all the time with my Dad, we could quote it endlessly. He would sometimes stop next to a handicap parking spot and quote Danny DeVito “Do I look normal to you?” This is one of our father/daughter films, lots of laughs and lots of good memories.

1989 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Another year full of tough choices, BTTF 2, Batman, The Little Mermaid and so many other amazing films. But I have to go with this one, a film I watched so much as a kid, I was completely in love with Indy and this was just such a good time. I have a lot of fond memories watching this film over and over, and getting to see it on the big screen as well was fantastic. I LOVE IT.

1990 – Home Alone


This was a really fun year for films, lots of now classic’s that came out. However I really have to pick Home Alone, this was my favourite when I saw it at the cinema, I wanted to be like Kevin and stop bad guys with my home built traps. Now as an adult I watch it every December a few times, along with the sequel. It is still so much fun, a great family film and a good way to start the holiday season.

1991 – Point Break


Again so many great films, but Point Break man – I saw this before I saw T2, and I watched it so much. This film was the shit back then, and man it is still damn awesome now. What’s not to love, Keanu is an F-B-I agent, and Gary Busey before he went complete bonkers and Patrick Swayze as the most charismatic guy this side of The Rock. I want to go put this on right now …

1992 – Radio Flyer


I am not sure if many have seen this film, but I did watch it often as a kid. Starring Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello as two young brothers. Their mother is with a guy who abuses the youngest, and boys want to find a way to escape. I never got the full grasp of this film until I was older, and I really got to understand it’s meaning and it’s very strange and ambiguous ending. Still a highly recommended film.

Check back soon for years 1993 to 2003.


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