5 Reasons Every WWE Fan Should Be Watching NXT

NXT Logo

Right now, NXT is actually the best product WWE has on offer. NXT is proving to be more exciting than Raw and Smackdown, and it is only an hour a week.

If you live in the US, you can watch NXT exclusively on the WWE Network (for $9.99 a month yo), and for those of you in Australia and other countries it airs on TV. NXT is that damn good, it is being included in the new WWE 2k15 game. There isn’t much of an excuse not to be watching it, and if you aren’t tuning in, I will tell you why you damn well should be watching every week!

5.) Their Quarterly Live Events Are Spectacular


As of February this year, NXT has been running a live two hour show (their equivalent of a PPV), and yes you can catch up on the WWE Network. These three shows alone are just as exciting as Wrestlemania. They contain actual wrestling and long matches, they treat their women’s division with respect, and it is intense watching. Triple H is the big head honcho behind NXT and he really knows what his crowd and fans want to see. There are so many matches on these shows that deserve to be on a Top 10 list of the best matches of 2014. Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro or Natalya vs. Charlotte, these matches need to be seen by anyone who considers them self a fan.

4.) Some Of The WWE’s Biggest Names Now Came From NXT


NXT is the reason why we have the likes of The Wyatt Family, Rusev, Paige, Seth Rollins and so forth. This is where they really got seen by the WWE audience to begin with. This is where they honed their characters and got in touch with what WWE is all about, NXT really decides now who is the future and the future looks damn bright. Watching NXT means you will see the beginnings of future big WWE stars, and this is exciting. Go back and watch Seth Rollins as the first NXT Champion, or Paige’s long reign as their Women’s Champion. It really is the most exciting place right now.

3.) You Can Watch Hideo Itami aka Kenta Every Week


Kenta now known as Hideo Itami is one of wrestling’s biggest names. He is now with the WWE and he made his debut on NXT. He is going to be one of their biggest assets, and you can watch him have 5 star matches constantly. He is currently feuding with The Ascension (who will likely be called up very soon), and he is making a big impact. Just seeing him deliver those insane kicks is worth the $9.99 for the Network alone. Trust me when I say he is a talent you need to be watching, and it wont be long until he is kicking asses and taking names on the main roster.

2.) Actual Women’s Matches That Are Good


What happened? How does NXT have excellent women’s matches, time given to them and on the main roster so much time is given to Jerry Springer segments with the Bella twins, who quite frankly aren’t good on the mic. You can see Charlotte (Ric Flair’s daughter I might add), Bayley and Sasha Banks just to name a few give their all each week and put on fantastic matches. They are given time to have their matches, not a quick 2 minute bit to promote Total Divas, infact Natayla and Charlotte went for 30 minutes. I have no doubt they will make an impact on the main roster but will likely get lost in the shuffle, at least on NXT they are there and main attractions. I might add Charlotte is someone who has come a long way in just a year, she really wasn’t that good and she has trained and worked her ass off to be one of the overall best on NXT.

1.) Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn


These two will no doubt be on the WWE main roster by next year, and they keep after week continue to make NXT so damn exciting. These two men actually tell stories with their matches, they do things that seem impossible and never give up. Sami Zayn is much like Daniel Bryan in the way he is that underdog and he is so easy to like and get behind. But he backs up everything in the ring, he can go for long matches and still manage to break out some incredible things. Neville really is a man that defys gravity, the things he can do are incredible. His Red Arrow finisher is a thing of beauty, I still get blown away each and every time I see it. These two men were in a Tag Match on Raw not long ago and it was honestly the best segment and match of the show. The best thing about NXT and if you haven’t seen their matches, you can go back and watch on the Network.

Disclaimer: I seriously haven’t been paid to promote the WWE Network, but if they want to pay me to promote it I wont say no.


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