[90s Action Movie Month] Sudden Death (1995) Live Tweets!


Of course I need to cover Van Dammage this month, and Sudden Death is one I absolutely love!


Why is this film called Sudden Death? It’s about terrorism at a hockey game … #SuddenDeath

Quick backstory – JCVD gets traumatized while fire fighting, gets a less stressful job. Same opening as Collateral Damage #SuddenDeath

I don’t care what anyone says I love Van Damme’s accent – especially when he tells #SuddenDeath

Oh and two years pass between his fire fighting trauma and hockey game terrorism #SuddenDeath

Why would the Vice President go to the Stanley Cup final? Also is that really the best place to terrorise? #SuddenDeath

You know these bad guys are bad guys because they kill cops with their machine guns. How did no one hear that? #SuddenDeath

Naturally Van Damme has kids and an ex wife. The kids are bound to get caught up in the terror … Bam #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 01

Is there a real hockey team called the penguins? I know next to nothing about the NHL #SuddenDeath

They sneak things in pop corn? Uhhh ok then #SuddenDeath

Powers Boothe makes this film, just a shot of him walking is badass #SuddenDeath

Poor old chef man … How mean are the bad guys 😦 #SuddenDeath

Icy the penguin mascot is a hot blonde, wowza #SuddenDeath

So Van Damme is meant to be Canadian? I’m confused #SuddenDeath
Sudden Death 02

Oh hey it’s the Vice President for some reason … #SuddenDeath

Those hockey players were nude in front of the Vice President … Just an observation #SuddenDeath

These bad guys … Don’t mess with the old people #SuddenDeath

I do know who the Blackhawks are … Helps knowing Chicago-ians #SuddenDeath

Is it really necessary to kill everyone bad guys? Oh wait that makes you even badder! #SuddenDeath

Everything I know about ice hockey comes from the movies #SuddenDeath

Powers Boothe gives no shits #SuddenDeath

“What kind of lunatic are you?” “The best kind” #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 03

Good going leave your kids alone Van Damme #SuddenDeath

Always about getting money with these bad guys, yet their plans don’t make much sense. #SuddenDeath

Oooo it’s a 1-1 tie at the end of the first period #SuddenDeath

These kids are totally annoying, and they don’t listen #SuddenDeath

Guys killing people doesn’t make money transfer quicker … #SuddenDeath

Oh dear Icy is dead and terrorist has Van Damme’s daughter! Who knew? #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 04

If I go to a hockey game I want Van Damme to take me #SuddenDeath

“Mr Icy is a woman jerk off!” Bam #SuddenDeath

Poor Emily has seen a bit too many murders #SuddenDeath

I’ll say it. Van Damme is pretty sexy in this movie #SuddenDeath

And he isn’t afraid to fight a woman, even when she’s in a penguin suit! #SuddenDeath

One of the best fight scenes of the 90’s hands down. JCVD vs Icy #SuddenDeath

Van Damme is kicking ass and burning terrorists in the kitchen! #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 05

Oh wait he said he isn’t a terrorist, he’s a professional. A professional what? #SuddenDeath

911 Vice President is being held hostage it’s not a prank call #SuddenDeath

Explosion in the parking lot #SuddenDeath

Powers Boothe is the only awesome badie in this, the rest are just boring henchmen #SuddenDeath

Was this film shot on location? #SuddenDeath

Bad guy sits back and eats prawns, he’s got the right idea on villainy #SuddenDeath

Oooo the game is now tied 2-2 #SuddenDeath

This is basically Die Hard at a hockey game – but it works #SuddenDeath

Glad Van Damme knows a few things about bombs … #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 06

Glad he disarmed that at the right moment #SuddenDeath

Sending messages to the outside, clever JCVD #SuddenDeath

But you got that thing blown up oooops #SuddenDeath

Van Damme sure has a lot of useful skills in this #SuddenDeath

Van Damme managed to kill more people than the terrorists #SuddenDeath

I guess being a fire fighter he would know about buildings structures – so he can guess where bombs are #SuddenDeath

Oh noes the agent is in cahoots with Boothe! Not that shocking #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 07

Glad his son actually listens – he’s staying in his seat #SuddenDeath

Ewwwww his face got all mangled. See kids practical make up FX is awesome #SuddenDeath

His daughter is so good at following orders #SuddenDeath

I wish I was Van Damme’s dialect coach #SuddenDeath

That kid doesn’t hesitate to try smack bad guys! #SuddenDeath

Van Damme hurry up! You have bombs to disarm! Run through the crowd! #SuddenDeath

These really are pathetic henchmen! Van Damme isn’t even trying lol #SuddenDeath

Van Damme is now on the ice, in his Tollivers uniform #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 08

Gotta love how batshit this film is #SuddenDeath

And he made a great save as a goalie #SuddenDeath

And he tells his son he loves him in sigh language #SuddenDeath

Yay hockey fights! #SuddenDeath

They shoot everyone yet Van Damme the real danger nope #SuddenDeath

Van Damme was in great shape for this. #SuddenDeath

Why isn’t Van Damme my body guard? #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 09

I love the action in this, pure 90’s awesomeness #SuddenDeath

Ooo duh it’s called Sudden Death because the hockey games goes into sudden death over time ha #SuddenDeath

Has been a few years since I’ve seen this #SuddenDeath

Van Damme sure does crazy things in this! He’s a hero to us all #SuddenDeath

Van Damme has almost saved the day, he’s too smart for these bad guys #SuddenDeath

Oh look the roof is open #SuddenDeath

That’s a big fall too #SuddenDeath

Sudden Death 10

Seriously why aren’t I married to Van Damme? #SuddenDeath

That guy went crashing through the score board – like a boss! #SuddenDeath

Van Damme pulls some crazy shit in this #SuddenDeath

Look his son doesn’t move from his seat! #SuddenDeath

Van Damme you had one job and you messed up! You didn’t disarm all the bombs! #SuddenDeath

Touching moment there between father and son #SuddenDeath

Powers Boothe you can’t hide behind a wig and mustache #SuddenDeath

The little girl will need years of therapy after these events #SuddenDeath

Daughter is saved now to get Powers! #SuddenDeath

How the hell did you shoot like that through the helicopter? #SuddenDeath

Helicopter crash!!!!! #SuddenDeath


Sudden 01

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