[90s Action Movie Month] Demolition Man (1993) Live Tweets!


DEMOLITION MAN is one of my all time favourite movies, and this was the perfect choice for me to kick off 90s Action Movie Month! So sit back and enjoy the tweets!


This is without a doubt one of the greatest films of the 90s #DemolitionMan

Wow 1996 Los Angeles was quite the shit hole of violence #DemolitionMan

Did you notice that 1996 John Spartan dresses a lot like 2014 Barney Ross? #DemolitionMan

It’s funny to think that Stallone and Snipes have great chemistry, it’s only natural they would get Snipes in Ex3 #DemolitionMan

Simon Phoenix is easily Snipes’ best role next to Blade #DemolitionMan

Gotta love that bleach blonde hair Snipes has #DemolitionMan


Pretty darn epic explosions, no cgi back 20 years ago for them. #DemolitionMan

Cinemas greatest rivalry Simon Phoenix vs John Spartan #DemolitionMan

1996 sure had some advanced technology, 2014 is rather jealous me thinks #DemolitionMan

Hold on … Naked Stallone … *ahem* #DemolitionMan

Pretty sure I saw Stallone balls … Pretty sure anyway #DemolitionMan

Not sure I agree with their freezing people for years as punishment. But eh it’s a good plot device #DemolitionMan

The future in this film is brilliant, they really did think it through well. A lot of interesting predictions #DemolitionMan


The future fashions though are hilariously ugly #DemolitionMan

I may also add I love Sandra Bullock in this film, she plays it perfectly. #DemolitionMan

I’m so glad swearing isn’t against the law, I would have 1000 of those tickets a day. So many violations #DemolitionMan

I’m surprised they would give Simon Phoenix a parole hearing … #DemolitionMan

Gotta love how in cryo Phoenix gets given the wrong enhancements and Spartan learns knitting #DemolitionMan

“What’s a 187?” “I don’t know.” Murders don’t happen in the future #DemolitionMan

Oh that Simon Phoenix causing so many Murder Death Kills #DemolitionMan

Rob Schneider looks so short, just wanted to point that out #DemolitionMan

I need a Compu-Chat device, Siri just doesn’t cut it these days #DemolitionMan

Demolition Man_screencap 3

Oh Simon Phoenix you are just a pawn, but why of course you are #DemolitionMan

The verbal morality standard is a great invention – it’s the source of such awesome comedy! #DemolitionMan

Where did Simon Phoenix get his snazzy 90s clothes from? #DemolitionMan

Simon Phoenix the shining example of not giving a fuck #DemolitionMan

I think those police uniforms need to actually be used now, I dunno why just seems fitting #DemolitionMan

That guy’s belt buckle is a CD …. now that is a fashion statement #DemolitionMan

Who you gonna call? JOHN SPARTAN! #DemolitionMan

More nude Stallone … Yey? #DemolitionMan


Ah John Spartan is a man out of time just like Captain America #DemolitionMan

No more toilet paper in the future, you need to use sea shells … For some reason #DemolitionMan

The swearing is the best part of this film #DemolitionMan

Bob Gunton is hysterical in this film, how I adore him #DemolitionMan

Bahaha the only place you can see weapons is a museum #DemolitionMan

The cars of the future look easy to drive #DemolitionMan

“Someone put me back in the fridge” #DemolitionMan

I love how confused Spartan is over the future and Phoenix gives no fucks #DemolitionMan

“Oh shit they let anyone into this century” #DemolitionMan

90’s action films, where you can actually see the action because editing wasn’t quick cuts constantly #DemolitionMan

Demolition man dungarees

I need to point out this film is perfectly bloody cast. Everyone completely owns their characters #DemolitionMan

In this future Schwarzenegger was President – he would be if he could be #DemolitionMan

Dammit my blu-ray has the Pizza Hut dubbing, it’s not Taco Bell. #DemolitionMan

I hope Hungry Jacks wins the franchise wars #DemolitionMan

Poor John Spartan was awake during cryo … Oooops #DemolitionMan

It needs to be said, @denisleary seriously owns this film #DemolitionMan

“Hurting people is not a good thing. Sometimes it is” #DemolitionMan

Seriously these hilariously awful fashions need to happen, so classy. #DemolitionMan

It’s a real shame Snipes doesn’t still have the bleach blonde hair look #DemolitionMan

Bullock’s apartment is very hilarious, it’s perfect actually. #DemolitionMan


The way they have sex in the future is kind of hysterical and I would not be surprised if that invention happened #DemolitionMan

They may not be even touching but the sex scene is awkward lol #DemolitionMan

So if they don’t exchange bodily fluids does that mean Bullock’s character is a virgin? #DemolitionMan

I love how the CDs are just smaller to be futuristic lol #DemolitionMan

Awwww he knitted her a jumper (sweater) #DemolitionMan

Conspiracy worked out, now all shit is about to go crazy! Oooops I got fined a credit #DemolitionMan

Time to go underground now #DemolitionMan

“Let’s go blow this guy!” #DemolitionMan


Burgers made out of rats, yummy? #DemolitionMan

I would fight the man for my right to eat bacon! #DemolitionMan

That’s a sexy beard @denisleary #DemolitionMan

I’ll say it again the action in this film is superb and you can actually see it all #DemolitionMan

Great car chase sequence! Love it! #DemolitionMan

I need one of those future cars with auto drive. #DemolitionMan

Just crash into the SAPD headquarters John Spartan! #DemolitionMan

It’s funny to think about but Stallone and Bullock shared great chemistry in this film, they made a good fit. #DemolitionMan


“You can take this job and shovel it” #DemolitionMan

“Where did you learn to kick like that?” “Jackie Chan movies” #DemolitionMan

Those people are in odd nude positions in cryo and they froze Dahmer? What? #DemolitionMan

Pretty sure John Spartan is the most bad ass name, like John Matrix was in the 80’s #DemolitionMan

Simon Phoenix is the one guy you don’t have to have weapons – he so crazy #DemolitionMan

He’s also rather efficient at hand to hand combat #DemolitionMan

I think I just saw some guys frozen junk … #DemolitionMan

Simon Phoenix lost his head … Ouch #DemolitionMan

“Lose the kimono you look like a couch” #DemolitionMan




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