[Audio Review] Postman Pat: The Movie (2014) with Marcey and Lily

Postman Pat

Marcey and her niece Lily review POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE


Thanks to Pinnacle, my niece Lily and I were able to see a preview of POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE, now when seeing a film based on a beloved children’s TV series, you need to actually bring someone to see it who fits the target audience. Happy to report though that POSTMAN PAT is not only suitable for children but it is a fun film for adults as well.

This is actually a really good film version of the TV show, taking on a really good plot that isn’t difficult to follow, giving us really funny characters and enough in jokes to please the older audience and enough slapstick to keep the children laughing.

Perhaps one of the best moments is when the film actually spoofs the TV show, and implies it is an actual thing in this world, because Pat has become a famous singer and he’s getting marketed to the world.

We both had a great time with the film, and I do highly recommend it.



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