Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon Special Edition: Sharknado 2 – The Second One

Hey everyone! Welcome to a very special edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Now I know what you are thinking: what is it about this one that makes it more special than all other entries in the series? Well, I’ll tell you. Usually with my articles, I would let you guys choose which bad film I should watch and live-tweet. But for this one, I decided to pick the film myself. So which film did I choose? I chose a film that’s a highly anticipated sequel to a certain SyFy Channel/The Asylum production that around this time last year, took the world by storm instant became a pop culture phenomenon. Yes, that’s right everyone. For this very special edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, I chose to watch and live-tweet… SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE! Seriously, I could I not do one for this film! Will we ever figure what actually causes a sharknado? Do the awful CGI sharks have more lively performances than Tara Reid? Read on and find out! Enjoy!


Bede @BedeJermyn

This opening of SHARKNADO completely rips off the JAWS spoof opening off AIRPLANE!


Oh, hi Ian Ziering and Tara Reid! Clearly you both money even more so on this one.

Gratuitous cameo #1: Kelly Osbourne

Uh, oh. The film is about to rip off a classic episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE

Where’s William Shatner when you need him?

Speaking of AIRPLANE!, Robert Hays plays the plane’s Captain. I see what you did there, movie.

Ian is definitely channelling William Shatner in this scene.

Sharks! Sharks everywhere!!!

I’m surprised that the Captain didn’t say: “Man, that bug that hit the screen looked like a shark”.

Gratuitous cameo #3: Wil Wheaton

I like how there is huge giant on the side of the plane and it’s barely sucking anyone out.

Kelly Osbourne just had her head bitten off by a shark. But they again it could easily have been her Dad Ozzy, I’m not to sure.


Both the pilots got sucked out of the cockpit window! Damn you sharks!

It’s Ian Ziering to the rescue!

A woman just got eaten by shark… While sitting on the toilet. JURASSIC PARK eat your heart!

I like how Ian decides to pilot the plane. Despite having never flown anything before.

You know that Tara Reid is terrible when she can’t even scream convincingly.

You have such a commanding presence, Ian.

How is it possible that the Air Marshall’s gun didn’t go flying out the open door when he passed it to Tara?

OMG! A shark bit off Tara’s hand! That’s not true! That’s impossible!

Oh, man. Tara’s scream is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard in while! She’s not even trying!


Oh, man. The Ramones would be spinning in their graves if they heard this awful ‘homage’ to their classic songs

The film’s writer Thunder Levin has the best name of ALL time!

Oh, hi Kari Wuhrer and Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath!

Man, you can tell that the filmmakers had a much bigger budget this time around when compared to the first film.

Gratuitous #4: Matt Lauer

Gratuitous cameo #5: Andy Dick. And he plays a cop. For 5 seconds.

More cameos. Man, how many bloody cameos are there in this film?! I won’t be surprised if Daniel Day-Lewis showed up.


OMG Billy Ray Cyrus is playing Tara’s doctor! This just keeps getting better!

How is it possible that Tara looks way older than she does in real life?

Did the film just make a reference to JAWS: THE REVENGE?

You’re sensitive, Ian. You’re wife’s hand was eaten by a shark and you’re making jokes about it. What a dick.

Man, it must suck living in New York. You had to deal with King Kong, Godzilla, aliens, global warming, Loki and now a SHARKNADO

You know I have to say, it’s actual nice to see Kari Wurher again. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her in anything.

Wait! Hold the phone! Kari and Mark’s character are named “Martin and Ellen Brody”… You did not just go there, movie.

Yeah, Ian Ziering should TOTALLY play Captain America when Chris Evans retires :-p

Gratuitous cameo #18: Al Roker

Hey look! It’s Oscar nominated, Emmy and Tony award-winning actor Judd Hirsch!

And he’s playing a… Wait for it… A taxi driver. See what they did there? SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE PEOPLE?!


I’m not gonna lie, it took me a minute to realise that was Judah Friedlander. I didn’t even recognise him.

“What does the inside of a shark smell like?” Don’t worry, Judd. You’ll find out later on in the film. Muhahahaha!

These people are even trying to run away.

Gratuitous cameo #35: Richard Kind.

Yeah, this scene between Judah and Richard is completely pointless.

There’s a lot of stock footage in this baseball scene

Yeah, an umbrella could totally smash that window.

Hey, Vivica A. Fox! And her kissing Ian is totally not awkward at all.


I swear Mark McGrath hasn’t changed his hair in 17 years. It looks the same as it did in 1997!

Finally! The sharks make a return!

Of course everybody should listen to Kari! She’s fought giant spiders AND a giant anaconda. I think she knows what she is doing!

I don’t know who these two maintenance guys are, but I assume they’re some well know celebrities.

Whoa! A shark just jumped out and bit Kari’s friend’s face off!

I like how Kari kills the shark by shocking it with a taser

Yeah, these two maintenance guys are gonna die any second now.


Well, that was unexpected. The two maintenance guys were killed by an alligator, not a shark. What a twist!

Now a shark has jumped out and ate the alligator! This just keeps getting better and better!

This is Ian and Mark’s character development scene.

Gratuitous cameo #78: Perez Hilton. Yeah, he’s just there to be shark food. This is gonna be good!

Product placement!

Was that Jared the Subway guy?! And he’s wasting their sandwiches? When did this turn into an ad for Subway?!


How on earth can a shark smash through a steel door?

NNNOOOO!!! Not Judah! He was the best character! Damn you movie! Damn you to hell!

“I hate the subway” that’s funny cause Jared loves Subway *ba-da-dis*

You would think that New Yorkers would be a bit more concerned that their city is about to attacked by sharks but nope.

More Subway product placement!

I suppose that guy can take solace that he was killed by the Statue of Liberty’s head and not eaten by shark

*cue the Indiana Jones theme*

I like how Al Roker keeps correcting Matt Lauer by saying its a SHARKNADO, not a shark storm.

I like how the people in the background of these street scenes just don’t care about what’s going on.

Oh, man. It’s that Ramones rip off song again.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

Gratuitous cameo #129: Biz Markie

Is this AC/DC playing? It sounds like them. It’s probably another rip off song

Yes! Ian has got a sword!

Man, you know that Tara is bad when this little girl is a better actor than she is.


Watching Tara Reid trying to emote is hilarious!

“Holy shark!” Indeed, Judd. Indeed.

Where the hell did that pole come from?

Judd Hirsch is just about to swing over to the other side. Clearly nothing we go wrong here…

No! A shark just ate Judd Hirsch! I didn’t see that coming at all… Not!

OMG Ian just walked over a bunch of sharks! This is amazing!

“You know what you just did? You jumped the shark!” Why d0 get the feeling that the film was just building up to that line.

Awe… What a nice touching moment between Ian and Vivica

You know what? I really the miss the Aussie guy from the first film. Why didn’t they bring back for the sequel?!



OMG That woman just got squashed by a whale shark! Amazing!

You would think that those two tornadoes would have done more damage to city.

I like how Ian just simply shrugs after Vivica asks him if this is going to work lol

I don’t know why that octopus smashed into that window, so you’re guess is as good as mine.

“The residents are all panicked” Yeah, the people in the background clearly look like they’re panicking.

Oh, yeah! Vivica just pulled out sword to fight that shark!


Yeah, I don’t think this plan is going to work, Ian.

How on earth did all that water come down the elevator?

Geez, Vivica. Stop flirting with Ian! He loves Tara… For whatever reason.

Holy crap! The sharks are all on fire! Literally!

“This shark is on fire! This shark is on firrrrreeeeee!!!!!” Alicia Keys needs to write that song fast!

Ummm… Why did you throw away that axe, Ian? You could have still used it!


Oh, good. Tara and the fire brigade are here to rescue them

A third twister?! Nooooo!!!!

Gratuitous cameo #405: Robert Klein

Gratuitous cameo #1,000000: Kurt Angle

Yes! The chainsaw is back!

Ian’s speech is almost as inspiring as Bill Pullman’s one from INDEPENDENCE DAY. Almost.

“I know you’re scared. I’m scared. They’re sharks. They’re scary. Nobody wants to be eaten” That’s some Shakespeare right there folks

Sharknado 2: The Second One - 2014

Ian just sawed a shark in half. Again. F&$k yeah!

Uh, oh. Tara has a plan.

Holy crap! Tara Reid just made herself a buzz saw hand! Ash from the EVIL DEAD films is gonna be pissed about this!

No, Vivica! Don’t sacrifice yourself!

OMG Ian is flying around in the SHARKNADO lol!

OMG the New Yorkers are going to fight back against the sharks!

How is possible that every New Yorker has deadly weapon in their car?


Best. Ending. Ever!!!!

Ian is chain sawing sharks left and right while he is flying around in the SHARKNADO! Bad arse!

Even Kelly Ripa has killed a shark!

I don’t know how you can use a kid’s super soaker as a flame thrower, but my god is both hilarious and awesome!

An old guy just threw a hunch of chainsaws into the SHARKNADO. Amazing!

Ian is riding a shark like its a rodeo bull. Man, this movie… This movie…

Than that shark gets itself impaled on the Empire State Building… Oh, yeah!



Well… This is the most disturbing, disgusting and awkward wedding proposal ever.

America! F$&k yeah!

Of course, this film can’t end without a firework show.

Ummm… Why is this credit scene just watching Ian eating a slice of pizza?

Well, that’s end of the film. I have to admit that this was actually much more fun than the first film.

However the film’s biggest missed opportunity was not having a scene of Andy Dick being eaten by a shark.

 I hope everyone enjoyed reading this very special edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in the next two weeks for my 13th edition where I take on DOUBLE DRAGON!

– Bede Jermyn


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