DVD Review: WWE Payback (2014)

Payback DVDThe Event: WWE Payback was a really solid effort from WWE, an exciting event that had some really exciting matches.

This event would be remembered too as the very last time we would see The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) together competing as the night after this event took place, Seth Rollins would turn on his brothers.

Other matches served as furthering storylines, and things would definitely change in the WWE after this PPV.

Having watched this event live, it was a great experience, and giving it a rewatch was also a lot of fun, if not a little bittersweet too.

Here is a run down of the matches:

US Title Match Sheamus vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman
A really solid match to kick off the show, these two power house performers were definitely on their A game here. With the added threat of Heyman on the sides, the odds were definitely against Sheamus. The match was booked fairly well as it was obviously who would win, but in the end Sheamus came out the victor, with Cesaro and Heyman not happy.

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Goldust and Cody Rhodes
A decent match, which served to further the storyline of Cody and Goldust not working so well as a team. At the time we basically thought there was a build up for the team to break up, but we now know this served as a way to introduce a new character for Cody. Not a bad match, it did it’s job well and everyone looked good.

Big E vs. Rusev w/Lana
This was not a very long match, but up until recently Rusev matches haven’t been. This served to show Rusev as a power house threat and it achieved that perfectly. Big E kind of seem lost after his title reign and this was an ok feud to get him back in the mix.


Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas
I LOVE BO DALLAS! There I said it. This match was here to simply entertain us with Bo Dallas and to make us BOlievers, however this did not happen because a irate Kane came out and demolished Kofi Kingston. Still BO!

IC Title Match Bad News Barrett vs. RVD
This was a match I was very excited to see, since his return Bad News Barrett has been on a roll (unfortunately he has been shelved recently due to a shoulder injury), and this proved that roll was no fluke. These two had a really entertaining match, back and forth and there is some ring chemistry between their different styles. It seemed like a smart idea to have RVD up against Barrett, and the veteran definitely helped elevate him too, as well as Barrett doing a great job himself.

Stephanie McMahon Wants Daniel Bryan To Give Up The Titles
This segment has had lasted consequences in the WWE, Daniel Bryan not long before this PPV had to have neck surgery and his return was uncertain. Because of this, in the storylines they had The Authority ask Daniel Bryan to give up the titles, and here they gave him an ultimatum, if he didn’t Brie Bella his wife would be fired. Instead Brie Bella quit the company (storyline) and slapped Stephanie McMahon. However due to Daniel Bryan’s injury he later was stripped of the Titles.


Last Man Standing Match John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
Now this feud definitely reinvigorated John Cena, he almost felt fresh again, going up against Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family has been a real challenge. This match was the last in their feud and it proved to be as good as their previous matches. It was hard to tell who was going to win, as heading into this match, Cena was the one who had a mountain to climb. In the end Cena did win, but Bray was not hurt by this loss, in fact Bray does not need wins on his record to show his strengths.

Diva’s Title Match Paige vs. Alicia Fox
Paige has made a great impact since debuting on the main roster from NXT, and she has been having PPV matches like a real pro. Alicia Fox has been impressing since her character change, and this was a really great showing of talent from these two. Paige had a lot to prove here and in the end she did prove herself, and Alicia Fox was definitely a great opponent for her.

Tag Team Elimination Match The Shield vs. Evolution
Hands down this has been one of the best matches of the year so far in the WWE. This was an insane match, one that looked as if Evolution was going to be in control and break down The Shield. The crowd were so hot for this match, heavily behind The Shield all the way. The Shield quickly became fan favourites and won over the fans this year, after being the big bad heels. There were so many amazing spots in this match, Seth Rollins showing what a ninja he can be, and Dean Ambrose just showing his crazy, and Roman Reigns a big bad power man. Evolution looked strong, although Batista chose the wrong colour for his ring attire, the crowd chanted (Blue-tista). This ended with one hell of an intense finish with The Shield knocking off Evolution one by one and standing tall, as we now know was for the final time.


The Australian DVD
Audio/Video: The video and audio quality is exactly what you can expect from WWE, it is fantastic. The DVD looks and sounds fantastic, and you really can’t fault this release.

* Kick-Off Match – Hornswoggle vs. El Torito Hair vs. Tail Match
* Nikki Bella Weighs In On Daniel Bryan’s Decision
* Renee Young Interview with Sheamus

The extra’s here are what you would see on the Kick-Off show on the WWE Network. The match itself is the highlight here, as it is so fun and entertaining, both men did a great job, as they did with all of their matches. The finish with Hornswoggle getting a shave was hysterical. Nothing too special with the other two segments, easy to miss honestly.

Overall Rating

You can buy the film here – http://www.wwedvd.com.au/dvd/payback-2014/19752.html

Thanks to Shock for their support.




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