[Wrestling] James’ Smackdown Review 6/20/14


This week’s Smackdown kicked things off with a promo from all of the participants of the WWE World Championship Ladder Match, minus Bray Wyatt.  This was your typical promo that saw everyone say that they were going to win.  The most interesting bit of this was Roman Reigns.  He got straight into John Cena’s face about it.  The crowd was solidly behind Reigns and this did a nice job of showing Reigns not being afraid of anyone.  Eventually, it broke down into a brawl seeing the faces beat the hell out of the heels.


Seth Rollins vs Kofi Kingston

Seth Rollins debuted his new ring gear tonight, which I actually really liked.  Very fitting for him.  This was a high paced and fun match.  Both of the men got the chance to shine, as the match was back and forth.  Rollins got the win after hitting his curb stomp.  That is such an effective and brutal move!  Afterwards, Dean Ambrose taunted Rollins fromt he TitanTron.  I, for one, cannot wait to see these two guys go at it.


Dolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barrett

After the last match, this one had a lot to live up to.  I’m happy to say it did and then some.  Dolph Ziggler is incapable of having a bad match and Wade Barrett has been on a hell of a role since taking up the Bad News gimmick.  The match ended with a surprise Sunset Flip by Ziggler, who actually got the win!  Afterwards, Barrett laid Ziggler out with the Bullhammer Elbow.  I’ve got to admit, I didn’t see that coming.  Either Ziggler is going to challenge Barrett for the IC title or he’s heading into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.


Adam Rose vs Titus O’Neil

Adam Rose was extremely over with the crowd, which helped me enjoy this match much more than I probably should have,  It ended in the blink of an eye with a surprise roll up from Rose.  Titus wasn’t having it, so he challenged Rose to another match.  Rose obliged and once again rolled him up practically immediately.


Dean Ambrose vs Kane

This was the first chance to really hear Ambrose’s new theme music and I really dug it.  Very fitting for the madman.  The match itself was as hard hitting as you’d think it would be from these guys.  Ambrose took it to Kane until he turned his attention to Seth Rollins, who was on commentary.  After that, Kane took over and eventually hit the chokeslam for the pinfall.  Afterwards, Kane and Rollins teamed up to beat down Ambrose.  Man, I really, really can’t wait to see these two go at it.


Big E vs Jack Swagger

Zeb Coulter started this off by accusing Big E of being in cahoots with Lana last week.  Big E was having none of that and he hit the ring with purpose.  Swagger was in control at the start, but that quickly shifted to Big E.  Big E won with the Big Ending in a short match.  I’d of preferred a longer match because these guys are both incredibly talented, but it served it’s purpose of setting up a triple threat match between these two and Rusev.  That should make up for this.


Bo Dallas vs Fandango

Before this match, Fandango was shown in the back.  Summer Rae came up and laid a kiss on him and Layla caught that.  Because of that, Fandango came out on his own.  After the bell rang, Summer Rae came out and danced with Fandango.  This led to a wild catfight between Summer Rae and Layla.  As Fandango was trying to separate the two hellcats, Layla accidentally kicked him in his head.  Apparently this wasn’t enough for a DQ, because the ref cleared the ring of the two Divas.  Bo Dallas helped Fandango up, only to hit the Bo-Dog for the pinfall.  This match was pretty much a waste of time, but one thing of note is that Bo Dallas was actually really over with the crowd.  He even had his own section in the audience!


Roman Reigns, Sheamus and John Cena vs Randy Orton, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt and Alberto Del Rio

A three on four handicap match doesn’t sound great on paper, but WWE has mastered the six man tag, so I had high hopes for this one.  It did not disappoint.  The face team kept Reigns out of the match for a good bit, which only served to make the crowd beg for the behemoth to get tagged in.  The crowd was incredibly in Reigns favor tonight.  When he finally did get the tag, he wasted little time in laying waste to the opposing team.  Poor Del Rio was no match for the big man, who laid him out with the spear for the victory.  This match helped get everyone excited for the main event of Money In The Bank and really helped sell Reigns as one of the favorites to win the match and the title.  One thing is for sure, the crowd won’t be disappointed if that happens.  The guy is hot right now.  Not Daniel Bryan hot, but hot nonetheless.

Overall Smackdown Rating: B+

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