Casting Call: Live Action Disney Villians


With the recent release of MALEFICENT, I was thinking about other Disney villains and how they might work out in a live action setting. Angelina Jolie at least from the looks stand point, has it all right as Maleficent. Unfortunately due to illness I haven’t been able to catch the film yet so I cannot comment on whether I think she owned the role as a whole.

I do believe Disney will do more live action versions of their animated films, it is working rather well with the TV series ONCE UPON A TIME, so why not right? I have chosen to cast some of my favourite villains, there will be some obvious omissions but that could lead me to write a follow up. There is one that has been played many times in the live action version, but the previous film version I felt didn’t work at all. There is another recast as well, from a role that I actually liked but the film wasn’t very good.

In no particular order, here are my choices:

Kate Winslet as The Evil Queen from Snow White


Now I loved Charlize in the role from Snow White And The Huntsman but the film itself just wasn’t very good. Lana Parilla does a good job of playing a very different version of the character on Once Upon A Time. Whether or not this character appears in a Show White film or something different, I think Kate Winslet has the right look and acting talent to take on this character. She can do evil, she can do sweet, she can create a complex character that not only will light up the screen but engage the audience.

Sullivan Stapleton as Gaston from Beauty And The Beast


This spunky Aussie actor caught my attention in Animal Kingdom and he’s had steady work since, most recently in the 300 sequel. He actually has the right look for my vision of Gaston, he kind of has a strange resemblance. He has the good looks in spades but he’s quite a talented actor, and I think he could turn up the smug bastard attitude as required for the character. We love to hate him and I think Sullivan has it in him to do that for this role.

 Vera Farmiga as Ursula from The Little Mermaid


Unfortunately the perfect choice is no longer with us, and that would be Divine (may she rest in peace), the character was actually based on her so naturally I wish we could have seen her tackle the role. I wanted to think outside the box for this casting, and depending on how they tackle this role, it may need to be motion capture. As far as who I want to see in the role, Vera Farmiga is the one that comes to mind. She can play psychotic and she can play a crazy bitch (to put it bluntly), and when she plays those types of roles, she throws it all in. I think she could pull this off in her sleep, and it would be so exciting to see her play the witch of the sea.

Andy Serkis as Chernabog from Fantasia


Maybe this choice is a little typical but he is the best at what he does and Chernabog is a character that will work with motion capture, and also from an actor who knows how to use body language to speak to the audience. It actually gives me chills to think about the possibility of Serkis playing this character in a live action film, it could be one of the most terrifying villains in that form. I am not sure how they could get the character in a film, build something fictional around him or adapt his piece from Fantasia into a full length film (and not anything like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice).

Eva Green as The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland


It would make my life to see Eva Green as The Queen Of Hearts! Now Helena Bonham Carter was not ideal in her husbands film, and I don’t think some other live action adaptations have gotten the casting quite right. Eva Green for me embodies everything that the character needs, not only is her look amazing but she is fierce as an actress, and this role needs someone who is fierce. She has been a roll lately with the roles she has chosen, I am loving seeing this other side of her versatility. Someone has to make this casting happen! Oh and we need a great live action theatrical adaptation of Alice In Wonderland.

Julianne Moore as Mother Gothel from Tangled


I actually wouldn’t be opposed to Donna Murphy who voiced the character reprising the role in a live action setting, but I am casting new people so my choice is Julianne Moore. I actually think she would be perfect in this role, she has the ability to pull it off, and with the right script and director this could be an amazing thing to see. The character needs to have a kind of niceness about her, but have that really dark side she hides, Moore can definitely embody that type of dual personality. In my head I can picture her in the role, I hear her voice speaking the words and what I picture is absolutely glorious.

Chris Evans as Prince Hans from Frozen


The funny thing is I kind of pictured Chris Evans in this role from when I first saw Frozen, he’s got those amazing looks and he can play a little shit. Hans is the perfect mixture of good looking little shit, and without a doubt Evans can do that, and he would have a ball with it. Hans isn’t a villain in the traditional respect, his true colours show up towards the end of the film, and for some it was a shocking revelation. Who better than to break the audience’s heart than Captain America himself? I know Chris Evan plans to take an acting break, but you know if this were to happen he would have to take on the role!


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