[Wrestling] Marcey’s Smackdown Review 06/06/14


The show begins with a recap Payback with The Shield vs Evolution, and then of the shocking moment from Raw, where Seth Rollins turned on the The Shield.

Opening Segment with Triple H and Seth Rollins

I actually didn’t expect to see Triple H or Seth Rollins on Smackdown, so this was quite a surprise. I am guessing Seth doesn’t have new attire yet as he came out in his usual attire. Lots of heat from the crowd, it felt very legitimate too, lots of signs saying Seth sold out too. The ‘You Sold Out’ chants break out before anyone can talk, which was a good move by the crowd. Triple H on the mic was fairly good, his gloating style and smugness works so well. Seth Rollins gets on the mic and e don’t really get the explanation we want, or really need, a good move too because it keeps this whole thing really hot. Seth owes the explanation to himself, I like how in saying that it definitely keeps the heat on.


Dolph Ziggler interrupts to call out Rollins on being a traitor, (nice that he comments about speaking out will get him punished) and comments that how The Shield went against authority, which he admired and says his actions are worse than anything The Shield has done to anyone. Random choice for coming out, I don’t mind it as it leads to more heat for Seth and match between the two made by Triple H. Seth seems happy to do the bosses bidding actually! Strong opener.

Rating: A

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

The first thing I was looking for in  this was to see if Rollins was going to employ a different approach and use heel tactics. He definitely seems more calculated, and even more vicious but the same man we’ve grown to love in the ring is still there, which I love. These two do work well together, but I have to say Rollins really out shined Ziggler, he’s an incredible talent and this match overall was very solid back and forth action. The match length was decent, thankfully it wasn’t a stupid 5 second match. I did like how Rollins and Triple H would talk outside the ring during the match. Rollins is still a ninja in the ring, pulling off some good moves. Annoying we had an ad break in the middle of the match, STOP DOING THAT! Rollins pulled off the win, he even kicked out of Ziggler’s finisher.


I hope we see a lot more 1 on 1 matches with Rollins, he needs to be a Main Event player by the end of the year. WWE needs to really push Rollins, and this heel turn is potentially a great thing for him if they do it right.

Rating: A

Backstage Bad News Barrett talks to Renee Young about his Triple Treat Match against RVD and Cesaro. A good promo from Barrett, who delivers the goods as usual. After the ad Randy welcomes Seth Rollins to the ‘dark side’ who says he ‘never left’. Big Show comes up and calls Seth Rollins a piece of trash, Triple H then puts Big Show in a match against Randy Orton.

The Uso’s vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel Non Title Match

Great Tag Team action here, The Uso’s are of course just at the top of their game and the team of Ryback and Axel has improved leaps and bounds since they first formed. The commentators talk about the Goldust situation and the Wyatt’s, as to be expected in this match. Axel saw more action than Ryback, and it felt even between the Uso’s. Unfortunately this was a quick match, there was a lot of steam to start with. Smackdown needs to stop with short matches, but they do want to fit in a lot I guess. Uso’s win by the way.

Rating: B-


Rusev vs. Xavier Woods

The highlight of this is Lana, obviously. Rusev is wearing his medal and he is now being hailed from Russia. The first thought that comes into my mind is that I hope this isn’t another segment, and then they highlight that boring stupid segment on Raw. Thankfully he has a match, against Xavier Woods who comes out dressed as Uncle Sam. I guess whom ever goes against Rusev will fight back with USA power, makes sense. The match is short and a squash for Woods, moving on ….

Rating: D (The rating is this high due to Lana)


Triple Treat Intercontinental Title Match Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam

Oh hey I’m a Paul Heyman guy. Anyway on to the match, just those three names alone evoke chills of awesome, and as the entrances are happening I am praying that this lasts longer than a few minutes. Oh yeah I want the new Cesaro shirt, nice to see him wearing it too.

Paul Heyman is on commentary, always a good thing. RVD and BNB go after Cesaro straight away, which makes sense. Lots of great spots early on from RVD, Triple Treat Matches are always hard to keep up with when all three are in the ring, but I like it. It gets intense when it goes down two guys, and Cesaro/BNB brought in some good action against each other. There is a great 1 on 1 match in there between these two, I want to see it, who cares if they are both heels.


The action is very solid, the stupid ad break in the middle of a match again is annoying and honestly it pisses me right off to be frank about it. I would like to enjoy the match without interruptions, thank you. I may add I think Cesaro acted as the MVP of the match, it was really all about him, he’s dangerous and the other two showed that. Barrett wins by pinning RVD, no pin to Cesaro, which is good for him.

Rating: A

Bray Wyatt Return Promo

Well Bray wasn’t there in person, he gave a promo on screen, face hidden at first. This is the kind of excellence we have come to expect from Bray. His loss to Cena hasn’t slowed him down one bit. This is one you just need to watch to really take in. Great job though, it would have been good if it were live in front of the crowd. Bray is reborn, I guess what that space.

Rating: B+

Nice to see a good highlight package of NXT Take Over (yay Sami Zayn), and a great package about the Women’s Title Match.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

I have been waiting to see this match, ever since they gave Alicia Fox a really great new character and a good push. As expected this was a very solid match, with some great moves shown. Alicia has definitely upped her move set, and her antics just make the match that much more entertaining. Natalya’s expressions and reactions to Fox really sold it as well, great story telling here. Kind of great this match had more time given than other matches, have faith in the division!


I really am loving Fox’s craziness, daring Natalya to slap her and just general yelling through the match. As a fan of women in wrestling this was a real treat, if you need a bathroom break use it when Rusev is on. Natalya got the win, and Fox isn’t happy … JBL and Cole are scared of her, hilarious. The taunting of Lilian Garcia was odd.

Rating: B+

Promo for Raw, about an update on Daniel Bryan.

Santino w/Emma vs. Bo Dallas

Ok the Santino/Emma/Lilian group hug got a giggle out of me. At this point in the show I kind of want to cry we haven’t seen Adam Rose, but hey we have the inspiring Bo Dallas… yo everyone just BOlieve! Oh yes he starts off by talking, he does a great job of sounding like a complete tool, and I love it.

After one move Bo runs around the ring yelling ‘I’m winning” and Santino actually gives him a hand tap. Then Santino goes around outside the ring, comedy central guys! Dallas then gets a lot more intense and vicious, which works well against the character of Santino.


Not a bad match it again was just too damn short, there was potential for something good there, at least of what little there was it was entertaining. Post match Bo talks to Emma, surprised she didn’t punch the smug off his face! Haha!

Rating: B-

Backstage Big Show talks to Renee Young about his upcoming match, he calls Triple H, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins bullies. He then talks about being bullied, and then claims he will knock out Orton.

Promo for The Shield returning to Raw on Monday.

Byron Saxton interviews Randy Orton backstage, Orton says he will take care of business, saying ‘anything can happen’.

Randy Orton vs. Big Show

Triple H accompanies Randy Orton out, just as he did with Rollins. At this point I am expecting some Rollins interference but I could be wrong. As expected Big Show dominates early on and Orton is frustrated from the get go. Both men are selling the emotions, I don’t mind when these two have matches.



Apparently during the break Triple H distracted Big Show for Orton to get the upper hand. Hey side note, this airs earlier in Australia and I can’t just watch on the app … Anyway! As I said earlier these two have solid matches and this was no different, lots of strategy by Orton in wearing down the big man. A huge spear by Big Show that looked brutal, but afterwards Triple H distracts and Big Show grabs them both and as predicted Rollins comes in for the save, and the crowd are all over it. RKO to the Big Show, even though there was a DQ.

Triple H gets the chair and hands it to Rollins who smashes Big Show with the curb stomp. Kind of predictable but it worked, with Rollins showing a very nasty side that I can’t complain about. I am thinking Orton and Rollins will team together very soon.

Rating: A

Overall Rating: B-
This was a mixed bag, the short matches stopped this from being a really good show unfortunately. Oh and the bloody ad breaks, in the middle of matches and every 5 minutes, urgh!


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