[90s Horror Movie Month] Lord Of Illusions (1995) Live Tweets!


LORD OF ILLUSIONS is a film I haven’t seen for at least 10 years, it felt like a natural choice to include as part of 90s Horror Movie Month. You can see my experience as I live tweeted while watching the film.


All I remember about this film is liking it and that Scott Bakula was hot #LordOfIllusions

The text at the beginning is really cool, I like magic and this definitely deals with it in a different way #LordOfIllusions

I don’t remember this desert opening credit sequences at all! My memory sucks #LordOfIllusions

I think it’s cool that Clive got to write the script and direct the film, that man genuinely is frightening #LordOfIllusions

One of the guys in the crowd looks like George R. R. Martin #LordOfIllusions

I swear the young dude that went into the tent thing was on Return Of The Living Dead 3 #LordOfIllusions

What the fuck is up with this beginning and why is a girl chained up and a baboon in the same room? #LordOfIllusions


This beginning is weird but I do like it, it’s also messed up #LordOfIllusions

I never want to be stuck in Clive Barkers dreams, bloody hell he thinks of some weird shit #LordOfIllusions

Off the bat the effects are really damn solid and nightmare inducing #LordOfIllusions

Why don’t they shoot the crazy monster dude in the head? #LordOfIllusions

Wait what he hell is that they put on his head? Looks like a metal face hugger #LordOfIllusions

And here we are 13 years later with Scott Bakula showing off some sexy arms #LordOfIllusions

He hasn’t aged much in 20 years either #LordOfIllusions

He’s a P.I. that’s right I remember and he’s into weird stuff … #LordOfIllusions

Ok what the fuck was that nightmare flash?? #LordOfIllusions


Clive Barker I am holding you responsible for any nightmares tonight #LordOfIllusions

I think Scott Bakula is keeping a little too close to the guy he’s spying on #LordOfIllusions

Ahhhh fucking hell a damn jump scare! #LordOfIllusions

What is with all these weird characters? Did they just jump out of a David Lynch film? #LordOfIllusions

Scott Bakula randomly throws a guy (prolly on PCP) out a window. No wonder I liked this film #LordOfIllusions

He just walked away from the fall out the window, not a bad trick #LordOfIllusions

So these guys want to resurrect that cult leader dude? I kind of remember the story now #LordOfIllusions

Why hello Famke you’re looking well today #LordOfIllusions


So the dude at the beginning who put the facehugger thing on the other dude is now an illusionist #LordOfIllusions

Things make more sense now, haha I thought I would have remembered more d’oh #LordOfIllusions

No fucking way!? Swann in this was Beni in The Mummy? Mind blown! #LordOfIllusions

Props to how great the film looks and the lightning is excellent. This illusionist show is spectacular #LordOfIllusions

Also there’s guys in gstrings dancing #LordOfIllusions

Those swords probably shouldn’t be stabbing him … When illusions go wrong #LordOfIllusions

Yeah he wasn’t meant to kill himself on stage, the cult did it! Ahhh run #LordOfIllusions

Pretty sure Scott Bakula didn’t ask for this messed up assignment he’s just a P.I. yo #LordOfIllusions

Lord of Illusions_273

Wow that cummerbund is shocking! #LordOfIllusions

What is this a meeting of the illusionists counsel #LordOfIllusions

The wardrobe choices in this film are questionable #LordOfIllusions

Naked Scott Bakula! Yay #LordOfIllusions

There’s a very nice vibrant colour scheme in this film, visually it’s just so nice to look at #LordOfIllusions

Hurry up and get what’s going on Scott Bakula, the audience already knows! #LordOfIllusions

I definitely remember the film a lot better now, it’s crazy #LordOfIllusions

I wonder if illusionists like @MurraySawChuck and @MrSilverScott like this film? #LordOfIllusions

What the? Is that a hologram projection? Too damn funny #LordOfIllusions

Whoa hello Famke nipples showing through her dress #LordOfIllusions

Oh do I smell a sex scene coming ? #LordOfIllusions


More shirtless Bakula!!! Woohoo #LordOfIllusions

Ah mid 90s cgi, how I love thee #LordOfIllusions

I love how he’s shooting his gun at fire … Yeah it doesn’t work that way mate #LordOfIllusions

I like the tattoo they gave Bakula for this film! Oh and neat plot twist regarding Swann #LordOfIllusions

Damn Beni from The Mummy can levitate cars #LordOfIllusions

What’s with the spandex gold pants? The films wardrobe really is pretty dreadful #LordOfIllusions

This dude is pretty dedicated to this Nix fellow. He even has kept those bleached eye brows for 13 years #LordOfIllusions

He did a shit job of tying up Famke #LordOfIllusions

What the fuck is going on? Why are they cutting their hair into the fire? #LordOfIllusions

I’m still stunned about Beni being Swann! Like how did that happen? This dude is unreal! #LordOfIllusions


Do you think Nix would want this guy to wear that gold spandex? I can’t really think of why else he’s wearing it #LordOfIllusions

The Dark Knight Rises totally stole the chanting from this movie #LordOfIllusions

Wait what’s with the velvet gold top? To go with the gold spandex? Weird #LordOfIllusions

Nix looks like one ugly mofo, incredible work though he looks terrifying #LordOfIllusions

Nix looks like one of those people who have had too many face lifts and plastic surgeries #LordOfIllusions

If I were Nix I would want a refund on that resurrection #LordOfIllusions

I really have no idea what wisdom Nix has, but there’s a vagina on his forehead #LordOfIllusions

I will say this again I never want to be inside Clive Barkers nightmares or hell even know what goes on in that mind #LordOfIllusions


Dude Beni just puked fire! He could have used that in The Mummy #LordOfIllusions

Nix is a bit of a bastard #LordOfIllusions

Nix kinda looks like Jason in Jason X … WTF #LordOfIllusions

Poor Beni/Swann just can’t catch a break #LordOfIllusions

It’s Nix vs Bakula! #LordOfIllusions

She did what should have been done at the start, the headshot! #LordOfIllusions

What’s with the badass FX? Seems too good for 1995, great work! #LordOfIllusions

Ok hopefully Nix has fallen back into @RealCliveBarker’s imagination #LordOfIllusions

He’s still not dead? Oh bloody hell #LordOfIllusions

Ok he better be gone now #LordOfIllusions

And that’s the end, i hope I don’t have nightmares if I do it’s @RealCliveBarker’s fault #LordOfIllusions


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