[90s Horror Movie Month] Needful Things (1993) Live Tweets!


Thanks to Bede for suggesting this film for the 90s Horror Movie Month, it was a great revisit and here’s my live tweets!


This film is one I haven’t seen for years! Looking forward to this rewatch #NeedfulThings

This film has a great cast and Amanda Plummer shows up yet again in my film watching #Yay #NeedfulThings

A new mysterious store in a small town? How dare they! #NeedfulThings

Why are small towns always so weird? Brrrr #NeedfulThings

And no one knows who is running the new store, the plot thickens #NeedfulThings

Max Von Sydow is such a charismatic actor, he commands the screen when he appears #NeedfulThings


I do like the premise of the film, a store that seems to have the desires that you most want … But with a heavy price 2 pay #NeedfulThings

The metaphor the price of consumerism? There is some good underlying themes in the film #NeedfulThings

Well clearly the nice man at the new store isn’t who he claims … Those long gross finger nails are a dead giveaway #NeedfulThings

Awww the late and great J.T. Walsh – he’s definitely missed. Always extremely entertaining #NeedfulThings

Naturally the Sheriff (Ed Harris) isn’t originally from the small town #NeedfulThings

The title of this film could easily apply to me and my doll collecting obsession. They are #NeedfulThings

Dammit Amanda Plummer you so cute in this film #NeedfulThings

Needful Things screen2

The material objects you desire the most can easily consume you. This film definitely has that in mind #NeedfulThings

The Sheriff doesn’t desire anything since he has all he needs, he’s the enemy #NeedfulThings

I really like the look of the film and the soundtrack isn’t too shabby either #NeedfulThings

Awww Don S. Davis

Oh hey that looks like W. Morgan Sheppard! A classic ‘that guy’ actor #NeedfulThings

Pitting the towns folk against each other, this is madness! #NeedfulThings

I could do without the Billy Ray Cyrus music #NeedfulThings


Funny he doesn’t wanna display Say No To The Devil flyers in his store #BecauseHeIs #NeedfulThings

If I went to the #NeedfulThings store I would be walking out with everyone single Monster High and Ever After High doll

Seriously love J.T. Walsh in this! So cray cray with gambling #NeedfulThings

There’s some beautiful framing in the film and a great use of scenery and colour, it’s just very nice to look at #NeedfulThings

Pretty sure Max Von Sydow could play a statue for 2 hours and still be compelling #NeedfulThings

This is a fun film and a solid debut effort from the director too #NeedfulThings

Some of these scenes are so good, slow mo for a kid throwing apples to break windows and stuff in a house! Brilliant #NeedfulThings

It’s way too easy for the devil to mess with people, people are just insane lol #NeedfulThings

Wait the character is called Buster Keeton? As in reference to Buster Keaton? #NeedfulThings

needful things yo

I am loving some of the musical cues to certain scenes, adds a level of fun to it #NeedfulThings

They had to kill and skin the poor dog didn’t they? #NeedfulThings

The thing that is great is that the people who have issues with each other aren’t tormenting each other, other ones are. #NeedfulThings

This film has a strange way of using Ave Maria #NeedfulThings

The insanity is in full swing now #NeedfulThings

Just realized Polly in this film looked so familiar because she played the wife in Die Hard 1 & 2 #NeedfulThings

Fucking with people is basically the devils dessert #NeedfulThings


The dialogue isn’t great at some points but damn does Sydow sell it well #NeedfulThings

People can do such crazy things, one of the many themes of the film #NeedfulThings

Owwwwww mouse trap to the hand!!! #NeedfulThings

Out of town Sheriff knows something is up with the crazy town #NeedfulThings

Youth suicide even comes up in the film, heavy #NeedfulThings

This film has some genuine dark moments along with the humorous ones. Pretty good blend too #NeedfulThings

My head is killing me, I’m so tired and I can’t turn the film off, it’s just too enjoyable and interesting #NeedfulThings

Ed Harris really puts a lot into his role, always such a great actor #NeedfulThings


Ha Jesus reference! Now that was a cleverly written piece of dialogue #NeedfulThings

This may not be a top tier King adaptation but it is definitely up there as one if the good ones #NeedfulThings

I like that there is a good amount of build up, it’s paced well and it’s never boring. Two hours well spent #NeedfulThings

Sydow is definitely one of the great 90s horror villains, along with Jürgen Prochnow #NeedfulThings #InTheMouthOfMadness

I really love the lighting in this too, it’s just soo good and hard not to comment on #NeedfulThings

Ahhh newspaper headlines reveal the truth! #NeedfulThings

People want to believe the worst about other people, makes easy prey #NeedfulThings

Punch Buggie! #NeedfulThings

ed harris

This film is actually better than I remember #NeedfulThings

Shit is about to get real crazy!!!! #NeedfulThings

J.T. Walsh crazy time! #NeedfulThings

“I killed my wife, is that wrong?” Quote of the movie and delivered so well by J.T. Walsh #NeedfulThings

The town is either better for what is happening or really fucked #NeedfulThings

Ah this film just gets so crazy! I love it #NeedfulThings

The devil, he’s a shit stirrer #NeedfulThings


Yup it’s crazy town, glad I ain’t there! #NeedfulThings

Oh Ed Harris, the only sane man in the crazy, like naturally #NeedfulThings

If Ed Harris says this shit stops now, you should bloody listen yo! #NeedfulThings

Dare I say the devil in this film is a metaphor for the big companies who have those needful things that send people in debt #NeedfulThings

The best crazy in this film is J.T. Walsh #NeedfulThings

Whoa that was an insane explosion! #NeedfulThings

Ah what a great way to spend my Friday night! #NeedfulThings


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