[90s Horror Movie Month] In The Mouth Of Madness (1994) Live Tweets!


For 90s Horror Movie Month I knew I had to include this gem of a film, and it was perfect for a live tweet session! So sit back and enjoy ….


Ok #90sHorrorMovieMonth continues with a tweet session of #InTheMouthOfMadness

This is a Lovecraftian story about Stephen King, pure brilliance by John Carpenter #InTheMouthOfMadness

I love the music for the opening credits as well as the visuals #90sHorrorMovieMonth

Sam Neill has some sweet roles in the 90s, he’s such an awesome actor #InTheMouthOfMadness

Awe John Glover looks so young! Another awesome actor #90sHorrorMovieMonth

You’re not insane? Well you kinda look it man! #InTheMouthOfMadness


In movies the mental hospitals always seem to make people a lot worse not better! #InTheMouthOfMadness

The mood and atmosphere are terrific. I was blown away when I first saw this film and it did scare me a bit too #InTheMouthOfMadness

Watch out David Werner is in the house or uhh hospital #InTheMouthOfMadness

Pretty sure drawing all over everything won’t paint you as sane #InTheMouthOfMadness

“Do you read Sutter Cane?” #InTheMouthOfMadness

The moral of the story don’t be a writer or in the insurance business … Insanity #InTheMouthOfMadness

What accent is Sam Neill going for here? #InTheMouthOfMadness


How do they not see that crazy man? #InTheMouthOfMadness

“When does fiction become religion?” an important quote and something to think about #InTheMouthOfMadness

The film even has a Stephen King reference 😉 #InTheMouthOfMadness

Sutter Cane’s book art resemble the book art of Stephen King’s books 😉 #InTheMouthOfMadness

Seriously the visuals are just so incredible #InTheMouthOfMadness

This film is too good to be in the bargain bins at JB Hi-Fi #InTheMouthOfMadness

Things are getting freaky! “He sees you” #InTheMouthOfMadness


I need to say it, Sam Neill is absolutely perfect in this role, I can’t imagine anyone else playing it #InTheMouthOfMadness

I love that the book covers create a map! Clever #InTheMouthOfMadness

Did you know a young Hayden Christensen is in this as the kid riding the bike? #InTheMouthOfMadness

The character conversation here foreshadows everything #clever #InTheMouthOfMadness

Well things just got extra spooky, damn bike riders! #InTheMouthOfMadness

There’s a bit of a David Lynch vibe going on #InTheMouthOfMadness

With all the weird stuff happening I’d have already gotten the fuck out of there! #InTheMouthOfMadness

Sam Neill gives zero fucks he doesn’t notice the chick is seeing things and stuff #InTheMouthOfMadness

in the mouth

Did I pick up a Cthulhu reference? #InTheMouthOfMadness

You’re clearly in a Sutter Cane novel guys #InTheMouthOfMadness

Sutter Cane seems like a bit of an asshole #InTheMouthOfMadness

Frances Bay (RIP) is fantastic in this! Great casting #InTheMouthOfMadness

Sam Neill get out, Sutter Cane is kind of a dick #InTheMouthOfMadness

Oh fuck creepy fucked up kids!!!!! #InTheMouthOfMadness

No matter how many times I’ve seen this film it’s still so damn intense! #InTheMouthOfMadness

Sutter Cane

This film is actually the product of a H.P. Lovecraft/Stephen King love child #InTheMouthOfMadness

Jürgen Prochnow as Cane is bloody utterly brilliant! #InTheMouthOfMadness

Heh I forgot to make mention that Charlton Heston was in this #InTheMouthOfMadness

Julie Carmen looks a lot like Frances O’Connor #InTheMouthOfMadness

Is she fucking the Cane monster? Wtf #InTheMouthOfMadness

Well after this experience I’m choosing not to read Sutter Cane #InTheMouthOfMadness

And this film is just another in a string of how great practical FX can be #InTheMouthOfMadness

These creepy kids can go away along with the Village of the Damned ones. Brrrrrr #InTheMouthOfMadness


“I don’t remember what came first, us or the book” #InTheMouthOfMadness

This guy looks like Bill Moseley in The Devils Rejects #InTheMouthOfMadness

After this experience I’d probably end up in the nuthouse too #InTheMouthOfMadness

Sutter Cane never ever write about me, might be best if you don’t either Stephen King brrrrrrr creepy #InTheMouthOfMadness

Hey Bray Wyatt stole Linda’s move! #InTheMouthOfMadness

I would hate to be in Sam Neill’s predicament! He’s fucked basically. #InTheMouthOfMadness


There is some truly amazing dialogue in this film, absolutely outstanding #InTheMouthOfMadness

It’s too bad Jürgen and Sam didn’t have more screen time, it’s gold when they are together #InTheMouthOfMadness

I love how utterly insane this film gets, it’s a mind fuck #InTheMouthOfMadness

Too bad Sutter Cane wasn’t the author in Stranger Than Fiction #InTheMouthOfMadness

Well I won’t be visiting Hobbs End … Ever! #InTheMouthOfMadness

One of the creatures earlier definitely resembled Cthulhu #InTheMouthOfMadness

This bus trip might be more hellish than Hobb’s End #InTheMouthOfMadness

blue bus trip

Sutter Cane’s fav colour is blue, and blue appears all throughout the film in subtle ways. Very cool! #InTheMouthOfMadness

The climax is pretty cool #InTheMouthOfMadness

The film should have given credit to Sutter Cane as the writer in the credits #InTheMouthOfMadness

The film should have ended with Sam Neill turning into Cthulhu and joining Coon And Friends #InTheMouthOfMadness

But the whole film within a film ending is pretty ace #InTheMouthOfMadness


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