[90s Horror Movie Month] Body Snatchers (1993) Live Tweets!


I decided to live tweet a film I actually hadn’t seen before that fit the 90s Horror Movie Month mould. Here is my live tweet session of 1993’s BODY SNATCHERS!


Live tweeting my first watch of 90s horror movie #BodySnatchers

The VHS cover freaked me out as a kid so I was too scared to watch it #BodySnatchers

Since then I heard it wasn’t good as I just never bothered … Until now! #BodySnatchers

Oh hey Forest Whitaker is in this! #BodySnatchers

How many writers did this film have? Including Larry Cohen and Stuart Gordon. Oh and directed by Abel Ferrera #BodySnatchers

Wait is that Terry Kinney? As in from Sleepers, The Firm and OZ? #BodySnatchers


Oh a crazy person attacking the young girl like 3 minutes in #BodySnatchers

Don’t tell me this film is about the military doing secret stuff with aliens? #BodySnatchers

Ewwww a dead lizard, great house keeping here … NOT #BodySnatchers

The teen girl is a little shit I’m sensing, she’s even doing a voice over #lame #BodySnatchers

Whys there teeth on the ground? #BodySnatchers

Is that Emily Valentine from Beverly Hills? #BodySnatchers


The foreshadowing is pretty lame, I get they want to build it up but it just isn’t working well #BodySnatchers

What the heck is Meg Tilly doing? I hope that’s not foreplay! #BodySnatchers

Oooooo strange occurrences in the neighbourhood … What a shock! #BodySnatchers

Thankfully R. Lee just showed up, he’s always good and elevates everything #BodySnatchers

So chemicals are to blame here? #BodySnatchers

Oh they think it’s the chemicals? But it’s aliens #BodySnatchers


How many films have there been based on the original source material and films? A fuckload obviously #BodySnatchers

The chick in this doesn’t look like she’s aged, she looks almost the same as she does in Burn Notice! #BodySnatchers

Nothing can top the 70s version but I can see why there’s many versions because you can relate the story to the time #BodySnatchers

So creepy alien kids? Or just creepy kids? #BodySnatchers

I actually don’t mind the setting here, going for something different #BodySnatchers

Oh this guy is totally now an alien, he was crazy before and now calm! #BodySnatchers

Alien pods? Are these alien pods? #BodySnatchers


Holy crap! The mother has been taken over! I think the alien just wanted to look hot like Meg Tilly #BodySnatchers

Kids always know something is wrong and no one listens, bloody morons! #BodySnatchers

There is a little creepiness to this film, it’s always scary to think people you love are not there anymore. Carnal fears #BodySnatchers

It’s not surprising this film came out when it did, post Cold War mind set. #BodySnatchers

Hahaha this is turning all stepford wives! #BodySnatchers

These aliens are ruthless in taking over, although they are kind of boring once they take over a human #BodySnatchers

The pods for making doubles are goooey #BodySnatchers


They don’t notice the worms all over them? Weird #BodySnatchers

Whoa this bath sequence is gross and messed up! Pretty well done with the body doubles trying to form and take over #BodySnatchers

Oh you aliens … You so crazy #BodySnatchers

Oh what a bad homage to the original! Props to Meg Tilly for going there though #BodySnatchers

The aliens are manipulative shits aren’t they? #BodySnatchers

The thriller element is in full swing, who can you trust? Who is an alien? What can you do? Ahhhhh #BodySnatchers

This film is definitely a mess but it’s fairly decently handled and had good intentions. #BodySnatchers


Surely they could have hidden and then ran? Bad decisions always charge the characters #BodySnatchers

Oh well he wasn’t any use to them anyway, so long Kinney #BodySnatchers

This film has gotten a bit boring but it’s a 45 minute idea being stretched out #BodySnatchers

Has everyone been turned? Oh look alien clone boobies! #BodySnatchers

Oh no everyone is changed! There is no escape! #BodySnatchers


Bloody hell that screaming is annoying! #BodySnatchers

Oh she gets her helicopter ride! #BodySnatchers

How did they turn the kid when he didn’t trust anyone? #BodySnatchers

Didn’t mind this film, has a lot of flaws but it is watchable #BodySnatchers


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