[Wrestling] Match of the Day: Edge vs. Jeff Hardy Ladder Match (Extreme Rules)

WWE Extreme Rules 2009: Jeff Hardy vs. Edge World Heavyweight Championship (Ladder Match)

The match of the day for a while will be dedicated to the best of the best we’ve received from the Extreme Rules PPV over the years. I loved this match for several reasons. The history between these two, especially with the ladder gimmick in the background, had become legendary by 2009. Some believe Jeff’s legacy in the WWE is nothing but glorified spot monkey, but on the other side of the spectrum he was loved for precisely that. All wrestlers are appreciated for the sacrifices they put their bodies through to entertain their fans, but Jeff Hardy went above and beyond and he carved himself a nice little legacy in the company for it. I loved seeing that these two, especially Edge, found their way to the main event scene. Matches like this definitely shortened Edge’s career, but he picked up a ball, ran with it, and made himself one of the best top heels of all time before his forced retirement. For those who haven’t seen this match, there is a certain something that went down by a certain now gone someone, that started a certain favorite personal feud of mine. Amazing match. Amazing outcome. Long live Jeff Hardy & Edge.


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