[DVD Review] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 2 Volume 2 [G]

MLP-FIM-S2V2Let us continue our journey through Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with volume 2, which contains another 5 episodes of fun watching!

The Cutie Pox

The Cutie Pox is a very cute episode, even if it is a little insane. The younger ponies are always about trying to find what their talents are, what jobs they can do, and once they know their cutie mark will appear. Here it is Apple Bloom who believes she has found her talent and she gets a cutie mark, but it doesn’t take long for more talents to appear with more cutie marks and she doesn’t know what to do or how to stop it.

This is a very good episode, teaching us and reminding us that we do all each have a place in the world and sometimes we shouldn’t rush to go and find it, and that it will get there. Apple Bloom goes through so much, and she certainly learns her lesson after suffering through the Cutie Pox. This episode sees the return of the wonderful Zecora, and she does bring her own lesson along, and that you will need to watch the episode to see. The animation is fantastic and the voice work is top notch.

Cutie Pox

May The Best Pet Win!

In this episode Rainbow Dash realises she is the only one of her friends without a pet, so she holds a contest to see which animal can become her pet. She wants to see what animal will best fit her, and after all is said and done the least obvious pet is the one for Rainbow Dash, but it takes a lot for her to understand and see this for herself.

This episode is a nice and exciting one, with a moment of a heart and emotion as one of the ponies appears to be missing. It may not be as deep with its messages as some other episodes but it certainly is appealing and a really fun watch. I was delighted by the end to see who was right for Rainbow and it did make me smile, something that this show does quite often.

May The Best Pet Win

The Mysterious Mare Do Well

This episode made me laugh quite a lot, the concept of this is rather genius and it is one of the best episodes of the season so far. Rainbow Dash finds herself being worshiped as a hero by the citizen of Ponyille and all of this attention gets to her head. She gets a big ego and shows off, much to the alienation of her friends, who can see Rainbow Dash has changed and that behaviour isn’t one a hero should have.

This is a great episode about the importance of staying grounded, not letting your accomplishments get to your head. It teaches us the real meaning of being a hero, and it works really well. With the rise of Mare Do Well, Rainbow Dash gets to see someone else take the reigns of the hero and in this her lesson starts to take shape. The ending is very well done and I really enjoyed the voice work for this one. A must see episode!

Mare Do Well

Sweet And Elite

Rarity finds herself staying at Princess Celestia’s castle after Twilight Sparkle had organised it for her. Rarity is set to design a dress for Twilight’s birthday party, but instead finds herself swept up in the posh world of Canterlot. She gets invited to events and soon enough helping Twilight is not a priority and she gets more concerned with her reputation than her friends. Rarity finds herself lying and finds that her behaviour just isn’t in her character.

I think this is a good episode for everyone because it teaches you all that lying is not the right thing and how important it is to get your priorities straight and it probably isn’t a good thing when you start lying to those who love and care for you. It is done in traditional MLP fashion with lots of colour and flare and yet again top notch voice work. A lesson heavy episode that is equal parts entertaining, never forget where you come from and who helped you get there.

Sweet And Elite

Secret Of My Excess

It is Spike’s birthday, and he isn’t used to receiving gifts or having parties for it. When the Ponies throw him a party and give him gifts, Spike starts to become greedy and gets presents from a lot of other Ponyville residents. In turn his greediness causes him to magically grow to huge sizes, the parody and nods to pop culture are a plenty here with a bit of a Godzilla type theme.

Is there any better lesson than that of why you should not be greedy? Especially for the younger kids who are learning to share and the fact that they cannot have everything they ask for, this is a good one to show them and for them to understand the consequences of. That said, adults alike can enjoy this one, we remember what its like to be greedy and to then suffer because of our actions. I really enjoyed the way this was handled with some fantastic metaphors thrown in for good measure.

Big Spike

The Australian DVD
The audio and video are excellent on this release, it’s all very clear and crisp and there really isn’t anything to fault here.

Overall Rating


Thanks to Ben from MadMan for his support.

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