[Book Review] Extreme Evil – Taking Crime to the Next Level

Extreme Evil – Taking Crime to the Next Level

ExtremeEvil-bookAuthor: Phil Clarke, Tom Briggs, Kate Briggs
Year: 2011
Publisher: Futura

As a heavy reader of true crime books, I am always on the look out for anything new to further my knowledge. With a title like Extreme Evil, I really had to pick it up, yes you should not judge a book by its title but with a quick browse it seemed to contain some interesting cases. I tend to look for books that either tackles something I am not familiar with or I am familiar with to gain some more insight. This had both, and while it may not be the best book on the subject of crime, it certainly is worth a read for those with the interest.

The book contains Six Parts, which tackles six different subjects and then delves deeper into the people who fit that part. There is – Cannibals, Serial Killers, Lady Killers, Cult Killers, Tyrants and Children of Evil. Of course these subjects can easily over lap, the authors have placed the subjects that have more to do with the title. For example Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer, but he was known more as being a Cannibal so hence his section is in the Cannibals part. I did find it interesting that the book covered well known cases such as his, but they also included cases that I was not too familiar with or did not expect to find in a book like this.

It is very well written, and props to the writers for being able to keep each section short but having enough information in there to give a fairly good overview of each case. While you may want to read more about a certain case, this is a good way to get an introduction and then you can research further into it by finding other resources. This is a good starting point for those who have an interest in true crime cases, it will give one an oversight and peak curiosity. Depending on how advanced you are with the subject matter, this book may be quite disturbing to some, as the crimes are detailed here. For me the most disturbing stories came from the Children of Evil part, children who kill is disturbing, and victims being children is just very chilling.

If you have ever been a victim of a crime or known of someone who is a victim, tread with caution as this can bring up memories. With anything of this nature, you should be aware of what you are getting into, while this is a very well written and thought out book it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you do have a curiosity for true crime and wonder what evil does look like, I’d recommend this. Naturally proceed with caution and perhaps hug a kitten afterwards to remember this is some good in the world.


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